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  1. Same here in LCT AK63, but I usally sand a bit the front "teeth" (I sand the front surface with belt sander).
  2. No problem, because the original will be covered with quite thick layer of camo paint... I use Montana colors, because having about 15 years of experience (If using Montana as camo paint, I only paint in summer over 30 degrees, making extra dry and rought finish). After it I will use the gun for one year. After one year usage I will make some extra wear effect with >400 (or worn out 300) sand paper, steel wool, scrubbing sponge and 100% alcohol (Montana can be diluted with alcohol). After that I will separete the lower and go to laser engraving. I may rub a minimal paint (black or camo) ins
  3. 2008-11-09 is my first airsoft game's date... so 9th november... but I will have one year to think about. I will spraypaint it in late summer (hot weather is ideal for extreme matte finish)... Next year I will make the natural ageing better, and after that the laser engraving (after engraving will have to repaint around the engraving with airbrush). Here is the template made in Word. Online is not totall OK, hope if you download, it will be better (made in Word 2007'). You can edit it offline too... Please if somebody make it better; re-share it here!
  4. My one (still no correct optic ) Engraving will be tricky, and will be after camo paint (laser engraving). I finished with the markings: serial number and ID is my birth date and first airsoft game's date...
  5. Soo, you think I have to mill out some material from there, at the side too? Thanx! I already custom made the sling swivel; and cut, plus threaded the barrel. Next I will do this 45 degree job, but waiting for 45 degree end-mill.
  6. I felt into an owergrowth covered 2 meters deep pit during game... it was filled with broken glass and sharp-rusty steel wood bits... Nothing happes, because I felt on my feet on a 20x20 cm flat concrete block in the middle. (OK, I nearly collapsed, after jumping out of the pint some second later, because of nearly 200/min hearth rate...) Sadly i broke my right ankle some months later while standing, and slipping minimally on soft snow (Airsoft again.) I had to be transported home, to remove my snow ghille, to be "ER compatible". Nobody believed how i did it. Luck is rolling..
  7. Murdoc

    Custom Gear

    6 cell G3/FAL Recce rig made from dutch DPM sleeping bag cover (I dyed black to mimic the black camo cream effect). Together with BOP SF belt rig:
  8. Nice! Hardly wait to finish my wood SLR carbine (made from JG SA58)!
  9. BTW I would dig that mount in a bit longer version with two fixing screws...
  10. Experimented with this mount plus Visionking scope... Once nearly fell off.
  11. Nice! Their uniform is stellar too. Only thing I don't like is their webbing, except para wests, but they're hard to get.
  12. You need Mp5s and HK33/53s
  13. Did you have experience with black E&L 74 mid caps? My two not working, hence beeing brand new (I got it for free, but really annoying). BB-s stuck in' even outside the AEG... that's why "not feeding". Thanx!
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