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  1. Murdoc

    AK & Variants Picture Thread

    Thought the same but with friends RS AMD woodgrip... What are the dimensions?
  2. Murdoc

    FN Picture Thread

    Is that 1 O'Clock mount (I have similar problems on my Leu' M4)??? Thanx!
  3. Murdoc

    Post Apocolyptic

    That was made not by me but by a friend:
  4. Murdoc

    Post Apocolyptic

    My one for over-next week game... bit Stalker-is, but I like it... The gear is light, but we have to walk a lot... the Wasteland is huge... ☠️
  5. Hi! Repro Bolo machete for sale: Made after original template (seen below), the blade is about 10 mm thick hard rubber. The blade is painted fake steel. The handle is beech hardwood with lindseen oil. The screws are spiater but copperised. The best rubber knife ever made. Price: 25 usd plus shipping (Paypal only) Shipping: please ask... Minimally 29 to USA, that's why the buyer regret (in the past it was 10). I'm in the EU, so here much cheaper.
  6. Murdoc

    Custom Gear

    Hi! Home made STABO, and single SOG "mystery" pouches; plus SOG bolo sheath (all custom made, I have the bolo in rubber knife replica). The belt, canteen covers and first aid pouch are original: Sadly cannot get full authentic US para D-rings etc. also lack of Star Pull de la Rau Fasteners... That was the inspiration:
  7. Murdoc

    H&K Picture Thread

    That's sad... Thanx BTW!
  8. Murdoc

    H&K Picture Thread

    Hi! Is it possible to put AK-stick (which fit under top cover) LiPo battery under the front handguard at G3? We speak about RS plastic and wood handguards, and not the wide bipod-black one. I can remove wood/plstic inside, I have all routers, dremels etc. I not often see collapsible stock G3 AEGs with those thin handguards, so I suspect something...
  9. Murdoc


  10. Murdoc

    AK & Variants Picture Thread

    Any news with those slim grips in dark brown or bakelite coloration?
  11. Murdoc

    AK & Variants Picture Thread

    AK63F: NGM:
  12. Murdoc

    Custom Gear

    If no problem beeing in Europe, connect LittleNeedle on Facebook.
  13. Murdoc

    AK & Variants Picture Thread

    Thanx! As I remeber CA 30' midcap internals... shortened to fit in. Have RS AK63 handguard, compensator and NGM flash hinder, converted NGM 5.45 (or 5.56, but I think ist 5.45... ) magazine, and one RS FÉG 7.62 needs to be converted; LCT wood needs refinishing (no stain, no lacquer, just lindseen oil, and some beeswax maybe), soo some more pictures will come in the future...
  14. Murdoc

    Custom Gear

    Little Needle custom molle backpack panel: Works with any molle belt, and pouches I want...

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