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  1. Murdoc

    Custom Gear

    Siger Heavy Duty??? 😦
  2. Hi! Do long (I think 40') MP5 magazines fit into Type 79 chest rig? I think don't, only short (maybe 20' I 'donno') ones... Long ones only fit (I think) in Type 56 and Type 81 chest rigs (two in one pouch). Thanx! (I know they may never met in reality, but it would be a part of a post-apo' rig...)
  3. Murdoc

    3D terrain

    The real game field I mean... 😁
  4. Murdoc

    3D terrain

    Nice! How big is it? Looks huge. Our one on 4-5-6 oct. will be 2,5×2,5 km.
  5. Murdoc

    Spetsnaz machete

    Nice! I made Kizylar thrown knife from hard rubber.
  6. Murdoc

    H&K Picture Thread

    Have anybody ever tried to put rail mounted M203 on MP5 RAS? I think about SD or silenced, because others may too short. Thanx!
  7. Murdoc

    AK & Variants Picture Thread

    Thought the same but with friends RS AMD woodgrip... What are the dimensions?
  8. Murdoc

    FN Picture Thread

    Is that 1 O'Clock mount (I have similar problems on my Leu' M4)??? Thanx!
  9. Murdoc

    Post Apocolyptic

    That was made not by me but by a friend:
  10. Murdoc

    Post Apocolyptic

    My one for over-next week game... bit Stalker-is, but I like it... The gear is light, but we have to walk a lot... the Wasteland is huge... ☠️
  11. Murdoc

    Custom Gear

    Hi! Home made STABO, and single SOG "mystery" pouches; plus SOG bolo sheath (all custom made, I have the bolo in rubber knife replica). The belt, canteen covers and first aid pouch are original: Sadly cannot get full authentic US para D-rings etc. also lack of Star Pull de la Rau Fasteners... That was the inspiration:
  12. Murdoc

    H&K Picture Thread

    That's sad... Thanx BTW!
  13. Murdoc

    H&K Picture Thread

    Hi! Is it possible to put AK-stick (which fit under top cover) LiPo battery under the front handguard at G3? We speak about RS plastic and wood handguards, and not the wide bipod-black one. I can remove wood/plstic inside, I have all routers, dremels etc. I not often see collapsible stock G3 AEGs with those thin handguards, so I suspect something...
  14. Murdoc



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