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  1. I think I solved it (have to test it): Soo... full auto: Semi: But also full auto, if overswitched: It's a custom RPK, soo tight place, I think I will make a bigger place there, soo this cannot happen.
  2. I have V3 problems too: Full auto: all OK Semi: no semi, random 2-5 round bursts... As I know it would jam in semi if cut off shabby but this??? Cut off moves, spring OK, what the hell??? Gearbox does this outside the gun... Thanx!
  3. There is a US ww2 airsoft association forum (really old) a genius guy there converted a Shoei Type I. Fg42 into airsoft, with modded' V3 gearbox in the stock and about 20 cm long nozzle. That was it (NOT MINE!!! Hope owner not disagree, sadly I cannot remeber his nickname... "Smitty"??? Sorry...)
  4. Now have (in transit) old US skull crusher: -bad side: I think less comfortable -good side: I play on russian/rebel side, so helmet usally not allowed, nightcap border case
  5. I would kill for nightcap in mandrake black camo.
  6. Hi! As I see Petzl! How it can stand BBs??? I have a Petzl Tactikka RGB... bit worried about... Thanx!
  7. Got "fake" "THOR" helmet (cheapo ACM replica, but same ugly green rails): And "fake" HSGI AO finished too: Need HSGI AO belt, and Propper pants.
  8. My "fake" HSGI AO: Little Needle as usal. It has insert and a bit Higher than AO. H-harness can be removed put in a pouch, and the chest rig can be fixed on a backpack harness in seconds.
  9. Hi there! I saw this vid, and realised that I wanted to look Zaslon even before I know they exist. That sage green color with minor black and tan looks great. I have this already. They mostly use more tactical aimed uniforms, than BDU, but as I see, they use(ed) it too... Sadly I cannot use 104 with drum (airsoft regulations ). So I thin I will have RPK. https://www.greydynamics.com/zaslon-russias-most-secretive-unit/?fbclid=IwAR3-HiBzt7n-MaqHl1QaTHlcpRqzXSatO4CaH15PZcDLiOOXTSdWCrIMXSA It's a great decription about them. Fort Goplit rare as hell. So I t
  10. Murdoc

    Custom Gear

    Little Needle /Facebook, but minimum order is ~55 EURO
  11. Some pictoral reference: I think the middle guy is not SAS, nor SBS, I suspect CIA... Maybe 1-2-3 of them not SAS, nor SBS, i think SEALS, or delta or else SF...
  12. Hi! I just do pre 90, so I'm not an expert, but if you want to be really cheapo: get a PLCE vest, a pakol, a DPM/DDPM smock, civvie "outdoor" or DPM/DDPM pants, touring boots and shemagh. For weapon: C8 look-a like (with ACOG), or SAW, look after paintjobs, and that's all. If you need more sophisticated, I have a picture about roll pin belt plus PLCE pouches (all spray painted), and cut off FLC used as H-harness (seems to be really practical). If thinking bit earlier (first gulf war), i have photo about ALICE gear added belt loops, to be able to fit on roll pin belt. For later one:
  13. The best I have seen... Hope it helps you too...
  14. Hi there! I want to make an authentic classic MP5 SD. So MP5A3 fire selector and G3 fire selector is the same? (Think in Marui/CA/JG/CYMA universe...) Thanx!
  15. My contact also woked with sent material. But I havent seen nor sumpf nor splitter material for sale. Except shelter half (sadly too thick).
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