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  1. Did you have experience with black E&L 74 mid caps? My two not working, hence beeing brand new (I got it for free, but really annoying). BB-s stuck in' even outside the AEG... that's why "not feeding". Thanx!
  2. I'm always admired tropical airsoft players... I hate hot weather; soo some years ago, I even didn't play in summer.
  3. Soo the old, non-realistic magazine one? I have it converted to SV98, soo I will measure it you tomorrow.
  4. How stable is that keymod tubular handguard? Is that 5KU? I plan a bullpup AEG, andI want to fix the pistol grip on the handguard... Thanx!
  5. My one: Buttstock (including adapter wood, and metall parts, excluding sling swivel): all custom. Stock adapter custom milled. Receiver: CM.0.48. (custom magazine catch, and selector screw, CM.0.36 charging handle). Fakelite pistol grip. Front: fully mixed (Marui CYMA, JG) mostly CM.0.36. but custom barrel (both internal and external). RS rear sight. Custom wood parts. And no joke, custom steel adapter to be able to fit Marui and VFC system together. SADF Recce-ish items.
  6. There is a US ww2 airsoft association forum (really old) a genius guy there converted a Shoei Type I. Fg42 into airsoft, with modded' V3 gearbox in the stock and about 20 cm long nozzle. That was it (NOT MINE!!! Hope owner not disagree, sadly I cannot remeber his nickname... "Smitty"??? Sorry...)
  7. Now have (in transit) old US skull crusher: -bad side: I think less comfortable -good side: I play on russian/rebel side, so helmet usally not allowed, nightcap border case
  8. I would kill for nightcap in mandrake black camo.
  9. Hi! As I see Petzl! How it can stand BBs??? I have a Petzl Tactikka RGB... bit worried about... Thanx!
  10. My "fake" HSGI AO: Little Needle as usal. It has insert and a bit Higher than AO. H-harness can be removed put in a pouch, and the chest rig can be fixed on a backpack harness in seconds.
  11. Murdoc

    Custom Gear

    Little Needle /Facebook, but minimum order is ~55 EURO
  12. Hi there! I want to make an authentic classic MP5 SD. So MP5A3 fire selector and G3 fire selector is the same? (Think in Marui/CA/JG/CYMA universe...) Thanx!
  13. No, full custom-self made from two halves, from beech wood: CYMA one is laminated (incorrect), 10 years ago there were one piece ACM stocks too but from oak or hickory look-a-like ('donno' wood types of China). There was a one piece variant made in the same year (2009), from a german guy... As I know these are the two M14 AEG woodstocks ever made (I mean by airsofters).
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