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  1. Murdoc

    UKSF Loadout Suggestions/Tips?

    Some pictoral reference: I think the middle guy is not SAS, nor SBS, I suspect CIA... Maybe 1-2-3 of them not SAS, nor SBS, i think SEALS, or delta or else SF...
  2. Murdoc

    UKSF Loadout Suggestions/Tips?

    Hi! I just do pre 90, so I'm not an expert, but if you want to be really cheapo: get a PLCE vest, a pakol, a DPM/DDPM smock, civvie "outdoor" or DPM/DDPM pants, touring boots and shemagh. For weapon: C8 look-a like (with ACOG), or SAW, look after paintjobs, and that's all. If you need more sophisticated, I have a picture about roll pin belt plus PLCE pouches (all spray painted), and cut off FLC used as H-harness (seems to be really practical). If thinking bit earlier (first gulf war), i have photo about ALICE gear added belt loops, to be able to fit on roll pin belt. For later one: you need RAV vest, and MICH 2000 helmet. You can mix DPM, DDPM, UCP, and 3 color US desert, and maybe tigerstripe too. And "RAID" mod BDU shirts!!! "At the moment" impression: I absolutely don't know... Plus I would recommend this: And that:
  3. Murdoc

    HK G11

    The best I have seen... Hope it helps you too...
  4. Murdoc

    H&K Picture Thread

    Hi there! I want to make an authentic classic MP5 SD. So MP5A3 fire selector and G3 fire selector is the same? (Think in Marui/CA/JG/CYMA universe...) Thanx!
  5. Murdoc

    Pictures of Airsoft Stuff You Just Bought

    My contact also woked with sent material. But I havent seen nor sumpf nor splitter material for sale. Except shelter half (sadly too thick).
  6. Murdoc

    Pictures of Airsoft Stuff You Just Bought

    Hi, what do you think, is this and splittertarn material available in Russia today? I connected /ebay a seller who make custom gorkas. Sumpftarn/khaki gorka would be fine... Nice suit BTW!
  7. Murdoc

    Glove recommendations

    Most places "discontinued"... 🙄 It has similar palm material like Mechanix gloves (not the M-pact, but the full soft one)? https://www.waragod.hu/mechanix-original-taktikai-kesztyu-fekete/?g&gclid=CjwKCAjwyo36BRAXEiwA24CwGezQTYTx6f8ASgXxuTnppCN1g5_8DKWPuZlKLyw7HbOm21oJUCvK9BoCT1AQAvD_BwE
  8. Murdoc

    M14 Picture Thread

    No, full custom-self made from two halves, from beech wood: CYMA one is laminated (incorrect), 10 years ago there were one piece ACM stocks too but from oak or hickory look-a-like ('donno' wood types of China). There was a one piece variant made in the same year (2009), from a german guy... As I know these are the two M14 AEG woodstocks ever made (I mean by airsofters).
  9. Murdoc

    Glove recommendations

    Hi there! Any advice on fingerless gloves? The most durable (I mean "indestructable") I want! Thanx!
  10. Murdoc

    M14 Picture Thread

    Nice! I made a chopped SAS M14 11 years ago... once I want to make the SOG version too: This one has M4 foregrip instead of L1A1...
  11. Murdoc

    AK & Variants Picture Thread

    My question is related, do long Magpul 'Zukov' handguard tolerates RPK bipod? I know a hole surely needed to be able to fold (for the "foot" of the bipod), but is it enough, or the hangurad is fully too "fat" for folding"??? Thanx!
  12. Murdoc

    HK21 Build

    I think this is HK21 and 23 in the same photo: And HK23 on a close photo: Soo the mouth of the belt feed mechanism is smaller, that's all.
  13. Murdoc

    HK21 Build

    I'm not sure that HK23 has HK33 body. It looks more similar to G3 body: https://modernfirearms.net/en/machineguns/germany-machineguns/hk-21-i-23-eng/ And the pictured gun (the coyote brown one above) looks more similar to HK23 too.
  14. Murdoc

    HK21 Build

    I thought you will use the M60 box... If using 5.56, that will be HK23...
  15. Murdoc

    Custom Gear

    The chest rig is also working as mini chest rig: To avoid re-adjusting the straps, I will order a pair of padded "X" harness for it, with 4 "mother side" of the 1 inch ITW buckles... but what color? Coyote? Foliage? OD? Balck? (I will repaint the font part of the FAST "pouches" in the same color.)

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