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SA58 midcap magazine .


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Now not a project of the magnitude of most on here but a simple little one that I think warrants a 'wee' small corner of this venerable thread . Ive not been able to get any mid caps for my JG FAL basically since I bought it as there either A silly prices or B just not for sale anywhere in the U.K. and I think this is the reason I've not used it as much I would have normally like too .

Simply put , Love the gun , hate high caps simple as that really ! But by the use of McGuyver skills I've solved the problem for my self .

Take one JG high-cap (the one that came with the gun) , cut away most of the internals


but leave enough of the feed tube so I can sand it down to fit in the feed well of a Mid-cap


then take a KA VN mid and again with liberal use of a dremel and a belt sander to reduce its size so it'll fit inside the hi-cap shell , then a good 'dollop' of epoxy to hold it in place .


and tudah ! a 7.62 120rd mid for my compact FAL !

Now I know I've had to sacrifice the VN mags but , not as if I'm short of Stanag mags (as can be said about pretty much all players?) ? But again well worth the price to get mids for my FAL . I already had the VN's so don't need to get any of them , all I needed were the hi-caps which are only £7.08 from Taiwan gun so no big expenditure there then either !

Have built and finished my first 'prototype' and it works great , no feed issues of any sort and working fine in both semi and auto mode , so again no problems there so Just need to get some more fabricated and I'll be good to go !

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Quick up date , used them at a game day on Sunday just gone and they worked absolutly fine ! Only problem I had was accidentally dropped and kicked one of a platform and it fell 15ft on too concrete, burst open but on examination I think it was one I’d assembled close to the setting time of the epoxy as it didn’t seem to have as good a bond as the rest had . Lesson learned , mix smaller amounts of the epoxy and more often !

You need to use plastic ‘inner’ mags as there’s a shed full of cutting and sanding involved to get them to fit inside the metal shell with out pushing the sides out and stop them binding on the mag well .

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