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  1. druid799

    58th Shizuoka Hobby Show Tokyo Marui Products

    Yes TM stuff is good , is it THE best ? Some is and some isn’t , is it more reliable ? I’d say if your not in to ‘tinkering’ (like me) and just want a gun you use then put away with minimal servicing need for yrs and yrs of use then again yes definitely better than most BUT also need to factor in if I can get a Cyma tactical AK from a Polish retailer that shoots like a laser for less than half (if not more) the price of a TM ?
  2. druid799

    H&K Picture Thread

    She be positively dripping ! 😋
  3. druid799

    Grip Ideas

    Like the look of it , what’s the longevity of it like ?
  4. druid799

    Pictures of you in the field or at a game

    UCAP Vendetta , Gloucester prison today running my TM KSG , was bloody warm hence short sleeves prefer long but was cooking in my smock (same type as my bud behind me)
  5. druid799

    H&K Picture Thread

    Well got an IDZ stock for my TM recoil KSK build , painted and fitted great ! all sorted ? Nope not a chance ! the Airsoft OCD went in to meltdown!🤯 suppressor’s wrong and the scope mount is wrong ! 😱 So now it has the correct KAC QD suppressor and a 98% correct scope and mount , calm returned to my world (ish for now ) .👍
  6. druid799

    AK & Variants Picture Thread

    Paint it like this ! And then just sit back and watch all the ‘pureistes’ have a total meltdown followed by a stroke ! 😈😈😈😈😈 🤣🤣🤣🤣 PS , looks bloody good bud ! 👍
  7. druid799

    Painted Weapons Picture Thread

    TM recoil G36k
  8. druid799

    H&K Picture Thread

    TM recoil G36k KSK inspired build complete (for now anyway, may get an IDZ stock in the future or may not) ! happy chap 😃
  9. druid799

    H&K Picture Thread

    And the next addition for the KSK inspired build , LLM01 , acquired , painted and fitted !
  10. druid799

    Player safety is spot on at this site !

    Think the big thing is not so much the action of the player (as has been said if you wear glasses it can happen) I think the real stink comes from the site management’s attitude and lack of interest in the whole fiasco , you’ve got a player leaving the safezone without his eye pro on , where’s the marshal who should be checking the players as they leave it ? You’ve got said player in-game for apparently a good while un-spotted by the marshals and then when it has all gone pair shaped on-line you’ve got the site owner threatening people over it !
  11. druid799

    H&K Picture Thread

    Recently bought a TM recoil G36k from a nice chap on Prefired for a KSK build , progress so far .
  12. druid799

    Player safety is spot on at this site !

    AND even better now the owner of the site is threatening in not so many words anyone who brings the subject up !
  13. This popped up on my Facebook feed this am , Glad to see Airsoft Billericay take safety so seriously ? 😳 PS the pic has now been removed from there Facebook gallery, funny that ?🤫 aparantly his usual eye pro was fogging up so he was going to wear a full mesh mask , BUT forgot to put it on ! Yea right ! 🤦‍♂️ 
  14. As per the title I’m after a ris/ras front handguard for a G36k , so obviously I’d like the K one but will also consider the longer one or the mid length ones but no C’s thanks too short . Also no polymer ones with loads of rails bolted on , I could do that my self cheers .
  15. druid799

    HFC CO2 Flintlock pistol finally coming out

    Very true indeed , but you have too admit it WOULD be funny as f**k getting the drop on another player dressed in all the latest gear using his super dooper race gun , with a flintlock ! 🤣🤣🤣

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