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  1. druid799

    AK & Variants Picture Thread

    Only negative I can see (and it is literally the only thing) on your beautiful looking build is if it was a real one you’d soon be howling with your fingers that close to the muzzle break 😖
  2. druid799

    W&P Revival Show is on Netflix's Dark Tourist

    Commissar uniforms ? Yes I’d object , memorabilia? General day to day communist stuff , no I wouldn’t but again would depend on what it is , if it’s celebrating the 20’000,000+ Russians he killed then again no I wouldn’t support its use , as to Stalin mugs as long as there not saying ‘he wasn’t THAT bad!’ Or *suitcase* like that then yea I’d think there in bad taste but so’s a lot of other stuff . BUT the crucial point for me is 90% of joe public wouldn’t know a commissar hat badge from a ‘hero road sweeper of the revolution’ class 3 badge if they saw one ! Where as basically everyone will recognise nazi memorabilia pretty much straight away .
  3. druid799

    Painted Weapons Picture Thread

    Has to be said bud you’ve got some truly awesome skills with an airbrush !
  4. druid799

    H&K Picture Thread

    ICS G33
  5. druid799

    W&P Revival Show is on Netflix's Dark Tourist

    Me personally , Wehrmacht ? not a problem , Fallschirmjäger ? again no problem . But for me the ‘uncomfortable’ feelings start when you see players wearing the hardcore Nazi regalia and the like , it’s the symbol’s and badges and what they stood for that I’m just not comfortable with that on an airsoft field . Really not to sure about at a re-enactment event (you can’t use the ‘education’ excuse for having it on display, no ones going to forget what happened) just I really don’t think it’s apropriate or the right message to be giving out at an airsoft event .
  6. druid799

    Dragonredairsoft.com dead?

    Well that’s a bit of a bugger if true , I’ve got one of there ‘premium’ fast helmets and hands down it’s the best feeling helmet I’ve ever worn .
  7. druid799

    Revolver Picture Thread

    What the cow said , you’ll never ever be happy with your own work just take others likes or dislikes and run with it ! 👍 PS I think they look wonderful!
  8. druid799

    Custom Gear

    New rig , love multicam but the worlds drowning under MTP and most can’t tell the difference so decided to move in to multicam tropic as you don’t see much about . Already had the shirt , trousers and hat , had been running an OD rig with it but wanted an MT rig and now I have one ! For £50 and some change bought from TG a simple plate carrier/triple shingle/triple flapped pouches/radio pouch/large utility pouch/small utility/assault panel/1lt bottle pouch and a double elastic mag pouch(to be used as a grenade carrier) .but it hasn’t stopped there being a bit OCD about my kit I had to re-design some of them more to my liking . What have I changed ? Well the water bottle pouch I’ve ripped all the thermal lining out cut a slot in the top with an elastic panel over it to make a dump pouch , the radio pouch I got rid of the huge Velcro retention panel on the front and made a much smaller one and shortened the retention shock cord , the large utility I stripped the back panel off swapped it for plain green cordura and made it belt mountable , used the material from the back panel to make shoulder pads for the rig , put two quick release buckles on the front instead of the Velcro straps , cut slots in the plain back panel of the rig so I can mount the assault panel too it and finally I’ve swapped two of the mag pouches on the back to a single utility as well !  so I do hope this counts as custom gear ? 👍
  9. druid799

    School holidays

    Selling a tm recoil on another forum , ‘potential’ buyer (not) “how do bruv you wanna swap your M4 for my bizon sniper ? It’s dead cool shoots for miles !” A small part of me died when i saw the PM .🤦‍♂️😢
  10. druid799

    School holidays

    How much longer till the children go back to school ????????🤦‍♂️
  11. druid799

    fully upgraded G&P lmt

    So is that picture yours(different names) or from a previous sale ?
  12. druid799

    what is a good gun I should get

    Highly recommend the Evike ‘optic thunder blaster’ awesome gun and it covers all scenarios of game style .👍
  13. druid799

    Gunner Airsoft

    No point messing around just go straight to a dispute , they’ll either answer VERY quickly or you get your money back in a couple of wks after no reply . Pretty much standard operating procedure for most HK retailers , send the product , OR don’t have it in stock ? keep the money and hope you don’t notice and don’t say anything .
  14. druid799

    IR cyalume light sticks.

    All sold .
  15. druid799

    MagPul Masada

    Pictures would be nice (especially as your supposed to put one up with your forum name and a date!) 🤦‍♂️🤣🤣

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