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  1. druid799

    Custom Gear

    New rig , love multicam but the worlds drowning under MTP and most can’t tell the difference so decided to move in to multicam tropic as you don’t see much about . Already had the shirt , trousers and hat , had been running an OD rig with it but wanted an MT rig and now I have one ! For £50 and some change bought from TG a simple plate carrier/triple shingle/triple flapped pouches/radio pouch/large utility pouch/small utility/assault panel/1lt bottle pouch and a double elastic mag pouch(to be used as a grenade carrier) .but it hasn’t stopped there being a bit OCD about my kit I had to re-design some of them more to my liking . What have I changed ? Well the water bottle pouch I’ve ripped all the thermal lining out cut a slot in the top with an elastic panel over it to make a dump pouch , the radio pouch I got rid of the huge Velcro retention panel on the front and made a much smaller one and shortened the retention shock cord , the large utility I stripped the back panel off swapped it for plain green cordura and made it belt mountable , used the material from the back panel to make shoulder pads for the rig , put two quick release buckles on the front instead of the Velcro straps , cut slots in the plain back panel of the rig so I can mount the assault panel too it and finally I’ve swapped two of the mag pouches on the back to a single utility as well !  so I do hope this counts as custom gear ? 👍
  2. druid799

    School holidays

    Selling a tm recoil on another forum , ‘potential’ buyer (not) “how do bruv you wanna swap your M4 for my bizon sniper ? It’s dead cool shoots for miles !” A small part of me died when i saw the PM .🤦‍♂️😢
  3. druid799

    School holidays

    How much longer till the children go back to school ????????🤦‍♂️
  4. druid799

    fully upgraded G&P lmt

    So is that picture yours(different names) or from a previous sale ?
  5. druid799

    what is a good gun I should get

    Highly recommend the Evike ‘optic thunder blaster’ awesome gun and it covers all scenarios of game style .👍
  6. druid799

    Gunner Airsoft

    No point messing around just go straight to a dispute , they’ll either answer VERY quickly or you get your money back in a couple of wks after no reply . Pretty much standard operating procedure for most HK retailers , send the product , OR don’t have it in stock ? keep the money and hope you don’t notice and don’t say anything .
  7. druid799

    IR cyalume light sticks.

    All sold .
  8. druid799

    MagPul Masada

    Pictures would be nice (especially as your supposed to put one up with your forum name and a date!) 🤦‍♂️🤣🤣
  9. druid799

    Blackhawk Pack

    Very interested in it , do you know it’s capacity and which model it is ? Cheers 👍
  10. druid799

    Secondary to snipe with

    Another for a MK23 set it up right and you’ll get players accusing you of using your sniper inside the sniper MER ! 😈 😂😂😂😂
  11. druid799

    IR cyalume light sticks.

  12. druid799

    AR15 Variants and Derivitives Picture Thread

    I did actually accept my error and basically recanted all my concerns a few days ago , plus I did state that your a well known player in the uk Airsoft community and I very much doubted you’d have indulged in any ‘overkill’ just simply stated a small concern how many rounds could be delivered in a single burst . All good bud ?
  13. druid799

    AR15 Variants and Derivitives Picture Thread

    My mistake over the FPS , I read it as 1.5j NOT 1.05j which was my biggest concern , now that worry is right out the window . Not accusing the chap of going to indulge in over kill (think it’s safe to say he’s been around way too long to worry about him doing that!) no only reason I questioned it is even just a very quick ’squeeze’ at 50 a sec is going too result in a lot of hits in a CQB site hence my comment about possibly annoyed players ?
  14. druid799

    Custom Gear

    That is one very sweet rig you have there bud ! 👍
  15. druid799

    AR15 Variants and Derivitives Picture Thread

    As much as I like the look of it (and I do) I do have to ask why this ? your profile say your located in Edinburgh so your a UK player which means at 404fps you can’t use this gun over here ??? Plus says perfect size for CQB , and it is , but yet again if you use a 50rps gun in that environment there’s going to be some very angry and P***ed off players on the other team . well confused mate by your train of thought for this build mate .

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