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Looking for a good RMR sight and base for TM/KJW G17/19


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Looking for a RMR Sight and base that can be used with TM and KJW G Series pistols (17 and 19 models). Would like to keep the purchase in the $200.00 (USD) or less range.

I've seen that TM has a RMR Sight and base, but have not seen much in the way of user reviews. Any good?

Thanks for the help.

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I've seen a few reviews on the TM and it seems to be pretty good.  Under $200, your best options are the TM or A1A.  There are a few versions of A1A so you need to be careful.  I've seen gen. 2 version, 2016 version. 

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I have the A1A (Original/GEN1), ACM and ACM 2016 version RMRs and one of my two A1A sights have a busted adjustment dial. The ACM RMR sight has nice clicky adjustment wheels but just came in a plastic bag and is slightly oversized (did not fit in A1A slide RMR cut) where as the ACM 2016 version comes with a nice hard case box and accessories and fits properly. A1A GEN2 sights according to A1A themselves is simply "better adjustment settings" compared to the original. 

Of the ones I have, I would recommend the ACM RMR 2016 version.



Ace 1 Arms RMR Unboxing



ACM RMR Unboxing


ACM RMR 2016 unboxing



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