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[Video Game] Escape from Tarkov USEC Patches

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So I got bored and decided to turn the game logo into a patch, it turns out an American based airsoft shop already sold these, but they're sold out and expensive (or unavailable) to be shipped to the UK, so I got in touch with MadPatches UK to have 10 made. They're quite pricey at £10 each but I went ahead with them anyway, if anyone's interested please do take some off my hands at cost when they eventually get made! 


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Awesome, will see how they turn out, they're PVC rubber ones too so should be nice. 

On a completely un-related (but kind of related) note, GHK's announced Magpul style AK mags for their GBB, so I can build a Tarkovian AK, and when I get killed in an airsoft game I will have to drop it to the ground for anyone to pick up for free. 


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