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Airsoft Calc v1.3!


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It's here, finally. It was away from the project for some time, but I recently started work on it once more, and I now have the new version finished.


Download Here



This version is definitely bigger with the new calc and new GUI. Almost 600kb unzipped!




-New GUI created

-Added ability to calculate FPS by sound

-Improvements to code made

-Changes to README


The first thing you will notice is the calculator now uses some of the same colors as Arnie's. I thought, "Well, since this is really Arnie's Airsoft Calc, it should have Arnie's colors." Plus, nobody ever took me up on the photoshop challenge, so I thought this would be a nice way to go.


Well, let me know what you guys think!


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Well, let me know what you guys think!

Your tool is very nice, but I hate the colours that you can't quite read:

- white text on light blue buttons,

- light green (!!!) results on white (textboxes) or dark blue (background).


Please, please, please, make it standard black text on grey (background) and white (textboxes). It may not look as "cool", but it's about ergonomy and usefulnes :)

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Nice - Could you put a set of preferences in?


I'd like to select fps or m/s as the default entry/result measure and the colour selection requested above could be selectable in the same way.


Oh, and while you're at adding fps from sound, why not include a RPM calculator, too, based on number of shots/seconds * 60?



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but I hate the colours that you can't quite read


Maybe it's my monitor, but I can see those things fine. I still know where you are coming from though. I may just do what snowman suggested - have the user select the blue GUI or the plain grey default one.

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Bit more critique:


Might be an idea to package the VB6 runtime files with it, as i notice its a VB6 exe from the hex.


Could probably do with an "onClose" routine for each form, aswell as the back button. (im not sure what it is in VB6, long time since ive used it) but in .NET its Closing or Closed. Just add an "end" in there or me.close() so as if you close the windows rather than using the back button, then close the main window without using exit (etc) the program doesnt keep a thread open for an invisible form. This is often caused by using form.hide() instead of actually closing the form.


Did that make sense? think im just rambling.


oh and learn C++ :D lol


good work!

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