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Grouping people by guns?

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I was wondering if anybody has tried something to have basically different groups or forum sections for different types of guns. if you had more than just one type of gun(say having an m16 and a MP5), you'd be in both the MP5 group/section and the m16/m4 group/section. it would help people who needed help with their guns cause they could talk to people who would have the same guns as they did. some other sections could be like "LPEGs" and "Support Weapons" and we would still have technical discussion. you could discuss upgrades and external parts for each type of gun. you could even get rid of most of the picture threads by putting a picture thread of a type of gun in each one.


I think this would really benefit the boards and allow newbies to get help on their weapons quick and easy without having pointless threads floating around in general and technical discussion.



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Come to think of it a system like this would be quite useful. If you know alot about for example the CA AUG then you could put yourself in that group then when someone has a problem with the CA AUG they just look in the group and post their problem. People in the group could then check and post a solution.


Saves clutter on the forums at least.

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Isn't there already a section on peoples profiles where the individual can list their guns, that you can check to see what they have? Im sure i've filled it in on my profile.


It seems that if thats true its just another case of not being bothered to search. All it takes is to look in the research database for a poster who owns a particular gun. People have PM'd me that way. Or glancing through existing posts to find someone who obviously owns 'x' gun just by the content/type of thread they are posting in.

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