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  1. Ubuntu Edgy FTW. I've been using Ubuntu on and off since Breezy (I kept going back to play games). Now I've set myself a rule that consoles are for games and computer is for Internet and web development. Now I've been using Ubuntu only for 5 months.
  2. Yay! A site is opening near you. SNAFU will do there I hope.
  3. We all know that when you buy something from HK etc postage starts quite high and then only goes up slightly for the more you order. So a group buying forum would be where you post if you were planning an order from HK or somewhere so other people can arrange to have you add things to the order for them therefore lowering the postage for all of you.
  4. Would now be a wise time to also consider a group buying forum?
  5. I think this would make Arnies a better place for sales too.
  6. Come to think of it a system like this would be quite useful. If you know alot about for example the CA AUG then you could put yourself in that group then when someone has a problem with the CA AUG they just look in the group and post their problem. People in the group could then check and post a solution. Saves clutter on the forums at least.
  7. I'm having problems with the forums too. When I try to post I get bucket loads of SQL errors. The post appears but it doesn't register that my post is there (in the last post column).
  8. Just got the message now. Another upgrade?
  9. Cheers Arn. It was annoying me.
  10. Look at CplHicks avatar here. It doesn't appear to be resized which causes the reviews to be squashed into the bit on the right. Could avatar resizing be added to the review archive too?
  11. Hit a slight problem. To explain it, it'll use google as an example. If you look when you do a google search, you'll see that the url is something like: http://www.google.com/search?q=hello Where hello is the search term. I can't seem to find an equivalent for Arnies search. Once I have this, I'll be able to post something up that should do it.
  12. Any more news on the search keyword thing gazchap or have the kind folks at Mozilla broken it? [Edit: I'm working on it guys actually. Nearly worked it out]
  13. Errm. When I do the right click thing and click Add a keyword for this search it doesn't seem to do anything.
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