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  1. Actually, for once this is not the case. I just genuinely wondered.
  2. Essencially, if I open up mIRC and join #airsoft, will I be insta-banned/kicked back to the darkness beyond? I don't particulaly want to go back, I just want to know what my standing is. Thanks.
  3. Not only pointless, it would only help to be an annoyance too. It would take far to much time, we'd never end up using it in the end. and we'd call for it to be removed. It'll only help but clutter up the boards more. sooo..no.
  4. Because I don't care? If I have enough moneys for a RS G36 sight I'll replace it in an instant, otherwise, it stays there, because it does it's job.
  5. G&P, it's 50/50, it's not that bad but it does stand out.
  6. Yes, but we can finally get rid of the UTG stuff, ans stop cluttering up the rest of the forum.
  7. It's pointless, and I don't think arn has enough time to code it in, anywho. Gwive up pls, dong do eet angen, kekee:?
  8. You could try reporting it? The mod's arn't omnipotent, y'know.
  9. http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/inde...showtopic=64606
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