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Searching Limits

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I don't know how productive this comment is, but here goes

While doing a search every 'term' that is below 4 character will generate an 'error' response, this makes it very difficult to search for specifics such as 'ics mp5' (I remember I did not have this problem with the previous forum you guys had)


hope this is of help to you........... :)

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Nope, it's a problem with the engine.


For example, do a search for "MP5". There is a topic in the General discussion that has MP5 in its title and in the thread. This post I am writing, also uses MP5 several times. It doesn't even try to search, as it complains that it needs 4 characters minimum. This could be quite a handicap considering all the useful terms one might want to use to find out about a gun they want to purchase...


e.g. MP5, M16, G36, M11, 92f, G19, USP, 8mm, KJW, 18c, PPK, TMP, ICS, CA, TM, WA, KSC, KWA, etc... All unsearchable. :blink:


Arnie will get round to it soon, but he's a busy chap at the moment. The fact that this topic has been posted means that he knows about the problem and will deal with it as soon as he can.

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According to what I've seen elsewhere the searching algorithm Invision uses is MySQL's fulltext searching capabilities, which has a default minimum search limit of 4 characters. The only way to change this value is to edit the MySQL configuration file, restart the MySQL server, and to rebuild the fulltext index.




I don't think that this is a feasable solution really as I don't want to have to rebuild tables and config files, if you want to search for a shorter term use google to search the forum, that's much easier. It's dead easy to restrict a search on google to this site alone.

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