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  1. That's pretty worrying isn't it.... I remember that I didn't like the gas efficiency of the M190 (CO2 version, with normal mags on green - I don't think it makes a difference) so I swapped it....
  2. I've forgotten how the M190 sounded, but if thats the one you guys are benching it against then I supose its not half bad then... I guess it's the KJ P226 then.....
  3. [VT]Mofo2000: Appreciate the video very much!! However, as you have already mentioned, the sound is muffled and I don't think it is an accurate account of the P226. I have found 2 other P226 vids (by Shao14 i think). Can you take a look and compare with the KJ and tell whether it is anywhere near it: TM P226 on 134a TM P226 on green
  4. Finally got the sight to sit into the slide!! My HiCapa now has company.....
  5. 1647

    Armalite Pictures

    Got a scope for my CQB now!!!
  6. My P90, I love it!! but its missing a laser, hopefully I'll have one soon.... real soon!!!
  7. Maybe old, maybe not!! Too good to keep to myself.... gotta share it!!
  8. I believe so, as G&P have this on their products list! Link (note the product code -KJ49)
  9. 1647

    Armalite Pictures

    Thanks guys!!!! I love it aswell!!! hhhmmm, haven't really messed around with it yet, just bunged it on as soon as it arrived!!!! Will put pics of other configurations on when I have more time!!! Thinking of adding a PEQ II Laser and a Quadrant Sight on it at a later date!!!!! Guess I should really invest in an ACOG or EOtech aswell!!
  10. Weight with the launcher on is not that bad, I find it better that an Armalite with and M203 on... I think this is mt favourite now, but will need to get some new parts for it.... such as Selector switch and Receiver cover as the current ones stand out like a sore thumb!!!! Any of you guys have any advice on bits and bobs to get??
  11. 1647

    Armalite Pictures

    My CA M15 CQB with G&P Launcher!!!! Not really finished yet as I have to do a bit of modding to get the launcher to sit (hence the cable tie atm..)
  12. Finally I did it, with help and advice from Snorkelman!!!! Cheers dude!!! Here goes: Basically it's more or less a G&P AK!! Tokyo Marui AK47S G&P AK47 Metal Receiver G&P Wood Conversion Kit G&P GP25 Launcher Edit: typo
  13. Cheers for the advice!! Yep, this will be my first build so will be sure to take picks as I go along so I know whats happening!! Can't seem to figure out how to take the front section off the main receiver (got the outer barrel out and thats as far as I got...)
  14. Got my slde, Put it on, Looks like this Can't seem to get unit to fit when I put the rear sight on so I left it off for the time being!! Any ideas of which parts to file off?
  15. My wood kit, mteal body and launcher just came through today..... Pics when I figure out how to slap it all together!!!
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