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Inokatsu MK43 Review

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Part I


Gun was ordered from Redwolf 2 weeks ago. Shipped price comes to about $1500.00US with all items pictured. In the package was the reciever, barrel assembly, standard ammobox adapter, 1300 round auto winding box mag, wooden packing crate and small belt on inert rounds. Gun was secured in crate with wood pieces screwed into crate(screws were stripped, took some time to get it out). Crate was also filled with packing peanuts, my mortal enemy. Flash hider was painted with paint that wiped right off.




This gun is heavy, about what my CA M249 Para weighs with all the extras. You would not want to be running around the woods all day with this thing, unless you are really hardcore. It is all metal except the pistol grip, cheekrest, butt plate and the handle on the carry handle arm. Big differance from VFC MK43, VFC carry handle is all plastic and breaks if you use it.




The finish on the gun is perfect. Gun has a parkerized finish on most parts, which gives it a very realistic feel. Trade marks on the top of the reciever are the best I have ever seen on a airsoft gun.










Hop-up is adjusted by removing the barrel. Unlike the SAW you can remove the barrel with out losing any BB's.




Battery compartment is located in the buttstock and is accessed by removing the buttplate. This gun can fit up to at least a 12V large without problems. This is another big differance from the VFC. The VFC can only take a small stick battery in the gas tube. I guess it can be motified to take a large in the ammobox.




Gun has a very nice ladder type rear sight. Looks very realistic and is all metal.




Gun also comes standard with a nice sight rail that does not interfere with iron sights.




More to follow

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Part II Ammo Box


The ammo box that comes with the gun is considered a type B 1300 round auto winding. The ammo box is attached using a very strong allen screw. You do not need the included adapter plate for this type of box. I believe the adapter is for the type A box. Ammo can be dumped into the top of the box, making reloads very easy. The box is powered by the guns battery and is connected using the red wire pictured. The BB's are fed into the gun via a loading tube that connects directly to the reciever. The box itself is built on what appears to be an M16 short high cap.












More to follow

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...and you move one gun closer to owning EVERY AIRSOFT GUN EVER SOLD, Nach'.


You think one day I can fire this at an Op? Ive wanted to see this up close for a long time

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Part III How's it shoot


The gun runs a version 3 gear box. Advertised FPS is supposed to be 400. I don't have a chrono so I can't verify that. Shooting this thing is a dream.The auto winding box keeps the BB's flowing strong to the gun. I destroyed my indoor target in a matter of seconds. The gun purs like a cat when firing long bursts. I have not had to much experience with the Top 60's but from what I've heard this gun puts them to shame.


Is the gun worth 1500? To me it is but at the cost of 5 standard TM guns it's not for everyone.






Easy modding of gear box

Large battery capacity

Fit and Finish






Other than that I really cant think of anything.




Gun all dressed up. I actually think it looks better with nothing attached.



Q target after a half of a drum.


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Just for the record, the VFC's carry handle is NOT plastic, it is steel (very very bad steel). And the gun is designed to take a battery in the box mag or the gas tube (there are actually 2 plugs).


Nice gun BTW!

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The feeding tube has a larger collar, which slips over a short tube sticking out from the side of the gun. Secured with a set screw by fingers.



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