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My head hurts





I've not been having a good few days. Today I've been doing a lot of thinking about my courses at University, and evaluating what I'm going to opt to do next year. I'm not too happy about where I'm going at the moment with certain subjects, and the fact I'm seriously considering being rid of something that I was so thrilled to have the chance to be doing is a bit upsetting.


Also, today (or rather yesterday) I was offered a place in the Dark Angels.






How odd.


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Sorry to hear the days lately have not been the fluffiest ever known, but surely you've been offered a place in the most kick-*albatross* of teams because you do, yourself, kick some serious *albatross*? gun.gif Just a thought.


As for uni - I can't say anything!! My hatred for education is well documented elsewhere, suffice to say though that some things change whether by our will or against it, and that life is nothing if not dynamic. You gotta cut some things loose and keep other things close to your heart, we only find out which by getting on with it smile.gif

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Good advice, man, cheers biggrin.gif


As for the DA bit, that's still not 100% certain either way. I'm in discussions with the senior members of the team about wether my *albatross*-kickery, which may be pretty good, is AS good as the bloody excellent *albatross*-kickery the DA can administer on a weekly basis. Watch this space for a final decision.... smile.gif

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I can sympathise with the uni stuff - Im in my second year now, things are starting to get more serious, and im still not sure sometimes why im there or if i even want to be unsure.gif A good example : It was nice to be greeted Friday morning with a lecturer saying to us we had done " the worst on record" for a particular semester 1 exam module too. Not good when you felt that was one of the better exams of the 4 taken.


You are bound not to enjoy every aspect of it because of the compulsory bits and bobs (I hate maths & had a whole module on stats !) but keep going it will be worth it smile.gif

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