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How happy is Sledge going to be that polls are working?  

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  1. 1. How happy is Sledge going to be that polls are working?

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It has been an interesting week to say the least. Happily I ended the night as a new member of a forum peopled by my old old cohorts who had been displaced by the great big nothing. Even more surprisingly I woke up to be offered a chance to really take part in the establishment of this new forum. It really came as a very big surprise to me since I wasn't really close with any of the new Admins over there. But I have been blessed with my own little corner of the web, which focuses on my pet obsession with gas pistols. Pretty excited about it.


But it is strange how I look at posting and generally being part of in such a different light. I know I am new to it all, and so there is always going to be a period of adjustment, but none the less it has a very different feel. In the past, just as a member, the feeling of responsibility was pretty much non-existent if I didn't feel like it. Now that I am not only part of forum but also part of the staff (well a little part) I really feel like I need to take part, and do a good job. I am probably taking this a little too seriously (it is still a hobby site) but while I am not feeling the "power" going to my head, I am feeling like my responsibility to the site is pretty huge. It's a new site. It needs to get off the ground in a good, positive way, and since I have been given this opportunity I don't want to let it down.


In actual airsoft news, my new project is going to be a full review and upgrade of a WE. Man I have hated on them my entire time in airsoft, but am only now going to actually experience one (other than squeezing off a few shots) for the first time. I see it as a good step towards being well rounded, and will allow me to help more people than I can right now.


I don't know if I want the thing to suck, or actually be good (I am actually buying one, as well as borrowing one). Should be interesting.


If you are looking for another place to enjoy and obsess over this hobby of ours, PM me. And to those who might think I am trying to "poach" members, I don't see why you can only be a member in good standing on one forum. I have been active on three forums for awhile now. I am just providing another place to learn and build community.


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When you say 'old cohorts'.. you mean chaps from here such as :zorro: and the like? Or even older gas-lovers such as DumboRat or even OLDER stuff such as from AirsoftZone?



If so, great that more details are still going to be available. :D

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Alas I was speaking about my friends from ASF. Though anyone who wants to be part of can join up here. I am not so old school, just a rapid learner. I do wish DumboRat would re-appear but such is life.

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