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  1. Yeah.. "PowerUser" was too boring a name. R22's idea.. blame him
  2. There are already links to the best rated and most recent comments in the photo gallery Check the links in the Gallery Stats bar.
  3. I think he's referring to PMs. Basically I bumped up the feature set for the Power User group and allowed peopl in it to do more things. The ability to CC a PM to more than one person (think I set it to 4 at once) is one of them. Think I also allowed bulk upload of images and a few other things. There's a gazillion features in IPB and it gets a bit hard remembering them all sometimes Glad you like having the photo gallery back. I'm also very glad Havoc is straight (reportedly). Antagon: To view all of someone's albums, go to an URL like this: [website-url]/forums/index.ph
  4. I've added a group called "Power Users" (for lack of something interesting to call it).. basically I've upped the limitations for all users that have donated that I have a list of. Members in the group have more space available to them in the gallery system and for uploads etc. which seems only fair as the donations are what has made adding a gallery system possible. I "think" I've added everyone that donated on site to that group.. if I missed anyone please let me know via PM.
  5. I'll expand the rules as we go, but basically here's a few rules about the photo gallery. Much like the rest of the forum photos submitted to the gallery are expected to conform to the forum rules in the same way that a post would.. they shouldn't be offensive or in severe bad taste. Please do not upload images that are not your own. If images are uploaded that belong to someone else we'll simply delete them if we see them. To help clarify things, if you take a screen capture of an image off a DVD for a reason of photograph/scan a magazine to show something that's fine - but dow
  6. Yeah, I really nead to find a decent map of Russia. Just so I remember, here's a PNG map: http://www.wuvulu.com/images/map-png1.gif and here's a map of Russia http://www.amerispan.com/photos/russia/russia_map.gif If you come across any half decent outline political maps of those tow areas, let me know and I can use them to update the maps online.
  7. I've not had much of a chance to test the new photo gallery system out, but so far all registered members should be able to create their own albums and upload their own images into those albums Visually it needs tweaking as things need to be organised some more, but it's getting there. Any problems.. post them here. Bear in mind it's work in progress at the moment, not everything will be perfectly functional, plus I haven't had time to write a FAQ on how to use the system or written down what the restricitons are on usages etc (users have a limited amount of bandwidth and space allo
  8. Right the gallery section is online and workable at the moment.. but I need to do a lot more work to it, the theme needs tweaking as do the configuration settings.
  9. Doh.. should have replied to this sooner - am looking into it, as soon as there's a viable solution I'll add it here
  10. The photo gallery system is now online for registered members. You can post images in there now
  11. Cheers- have edited that now so it should work fine
  12. Yeah, sorting out the gallery at the moment. The skins need reworking so that they look right with the current site design, plus I need to tweak all the settings for it. The new image gallery should be live for everyone after I get a few more hours of work done on it.
  13. I've edited the first post of this thread with the total
  14. I don't tend to procrastinate, otherwise I might forget Gimme 24-48hours then you should see any upgrades I'm on about.. if I get a chance to do them that is.
  15. Please post your comments about ORCA's Laylax Satellite 3 Point Battery Sling review here. Thanks folks.
  16. Don't forget to mention where you bought the things from in the review Look forward to reading it.
  17. The best way is to checkout the reviews of goggles already on site, they should give you ideas of what to talk about. Would love to see that myself as I'm interested in the Wiley-X specs myself.
  18. Thanks guys, remember that you don't have to donate, only if you fell like it. We're not going to disappear off the map all of a sudden There's a couple of software upgrades that I'll put donations towards on the server which members should rather enjoy I hope.
  19. Marcus: Well secure isn't hard, but I'm not keen on any form of public ftp access as it's just open to abuse. I tend to see anything that allows users to upload something as a possible security issue. Better to be safe than sorry I guess But yeah.. b/w is the big issue. I'm hesitant to host loads of videos as it just takes up lots of b/w and therefore costs stupid amounts of money to do so. If a video is too large to be emailed over to me it's probably too big to put online.
  20. OOooh.. that was you /me watches the penny drop. Hmm I can setup an ftp to dump things on.. it's making it secure that's a complete swine. Marcus did you have a domain setup for those pages you used to have?
  21. Send me the link to get your videos and I'll download them - I don't think the email with the link ever arrived.
  22. I was testing the software ...and at this point in time I'm sitting with my feet up with a mug of coffee and an orange.
  23. Ah well I've not got around to adding myself on there yet.. too busy elsewhere
  24. noooo caffiene is bad. Currently trying to come down off the 5 mugs I had before doing all the upgrades Actually green tea would be nice.
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