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  1. As soon as someone taps the report button I tend to get them gone quickly and blocked. Happy to hear suggestions and volunteers! With the bots it is dead easy as you just flag them with the spammer button and all their posts go and their account gets locked.
  2. No issues here on the commercial side of things. The commercial rule is to stop people simply arriving on the forums for one thing abs then going. Anyone that engages in the forum with people constructively (or asks us direct for permission) is here for the right reasons.
  3. That reminds me I have my classic SVs on the shelf in the office!
  4. Nice! Can't beat a bit of classic kit.
  5. We're back, sorry I had to install some new runtime binaries and correct a software glitch caused by the server auto updating

    1. PureSilver


      PS: Those picture threads have unarchived. Thanks so much!

    2. Arnie


      It took ages as it is an automatic process. Sooooo many threads. 

  6. So I'm running some updates and changes as we go, please do give feedback or ideas for what you'd like to see done, improved, less of etc etc

  7. I've continued tweaking and sorting the site for everyone. I've run a short test of Google AdSense to see how that works. It should only appear for 50% of traffic on the site and was kind of a test to see if CPC style adverts would produce enough to pay for the hosting costs. I'm on the fence as to if I like Google having control of adverts. If there's something you like or have a suggestion do stick it in here.
  8. What is it about cheap productions that even the framing and style of the shot gives away as to how bad it is?
  9. not seen it, what app or stream is that on?
  10. I have a ticket with Invision as the issue is not our fault and appears to be a rather technical bug. Hoping they fix it soon.
  11. Woohoo. Looks like the thread was unarchived.
  12. Testing to see if I can unarchive this
  13. That's awesome. What's the deal with the tape? Is that a WE thing, or customs?
  14. I've been sorting coding and updating all the software when I'm home. gives me something to do rather than turning the TV on!
  15. TK is on Facebook himself these days. Not sure if he has any stock though if the old VP. It was a lovely pistol though.
  16. That’s good news. I have run a serious amount of software updates so I hope it works well for everyone. I soooooo should have done this a year ago.
  17. Tapatalk has now ben updated and upgraded (if you use it) and the news page link has been added back top left.
  18. It is getting there Just added to the front page... I've been meaning to start getting all the old articles back online and the mirrors running. I believe I have a couple of other websites backed up that went down as well, but I do have permission from both of those authors to host them.
  19. Obviously I'm still here but not browsing as much unless I am prodded!
  20. Don't you just hate it when a simple software update means you have to rewrite the entire system from the ground up?

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    2. PureSilver


      Thanks! It doesn't seem like they're coming out of archive, sadly - could you un-archive this one? Thanks again!

    3. Arnie


      Did that work?

    4. PureSilver


      Not yet. No stress if it's not doable!

  21. I'm running a whole heap of updates that we really ought to have done ages ago at the moment, sop apologies for any errors on the site while I do this. The issues are we need the latest version of various bits of front end software (like the forums) updated but it relies on a newer back end software version which then triggers a heap of updates for everything else that runs on there... it then becomes a laundry list of stuff that needs to be done.
  22. There's no specific errors listed, php sendmail is used on the site. I could change it to SMTP as a test to see if that's any better.
  23. I can check the outbound emails and settings this end and see what’s what. There may be a reason for it that makes sense.
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