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  1. Docv400

    Gunmane's Gearbox Woes

    Never understood why people fit Ball Bearings, still don't.
  2. Docv400

    ICS L85 MOSFET issues.

    Thanks DarkLite. All the Batteries he has have been converted to Deans by me, so I know they're all good. Also, it fired a few times before he had the issues, both times. Gun is new, he gave it to me to do as soon as he got it. I've done my usual Mods internally, AoE set with Custom Made Piston Head, Thinner O-Ring, Dry-Film Lube on the Gear Teeth and Piston Tracks. The MOSFET I use is good for 170 Amps or so. As mentioned, it tested fine when I built it.
  3. Hi Guys. Has anyone experienced any issues with MOSFET installation on the ICS L85? I re-wired one recently for a friend, my usual set-up that I've done to dozens of AEGs without any real issues. Tested fine, gave it back, the MOSFET over-heated when he tried it at the first Game, started melting Wires. I took it back and replaced the MOSFET, thinking maybe I'd got a duff one, or possibly I'd damaged it during Soldering. Tested fine again, gave it back, it's done the same again. He's not using anything other than a pretty standard Li-Po. Any ideas?
  4. Docv400

    Few aug questions

    Guide to setting/adjusting the AoE here. There are plenty on the 'net, some better than others, so read/watch a few, you'll get the idea. http://www.sqairsoft.com/how-to-correct-your-aoe.html
  5. Docv400

    Few aug questions

    The MOSFET is rated to 160Amps, you could run your AEG on a car Battery if you wanted! Obviously, the higher the voltage, the faster it'll cycle, so more wear and tear. As with upgrading anything mechanical, it's about compromise, more performance is always going to cost something. If you're going for a high ROF, you'll need to at least adjust the Angle of Engagement. I'd do that as a matter of course anyway, no matter what the ROF is, it's another of those little 'tweaks' that's worth doing to any AEG.
  6. Docv400

    Few aug questions

    If you can solder, you can make your own for around £7. If you want Passive Braking, you need a second MOSFET. Have a look here . . . http://www.cerberusairsoft.co.uk/Mosfet/ Without the Braking function, you only need the 'N' channel MOSFET. Good choice on the AUG by the way. I never used to like them, until I did some work on them. Now I'm hooked! The way you can swap Barrel and Mid sections in seconds is great. So easy to work on too, Gearbox takes 20 seconds to remove. Wiring is minimal, and you can re-wire and fit a MOSFET without having to open the 'Box, tell that to M4/MP5/AK etc owners and watch them weep! Another bonus is that they're still pretty rare. Turn up at a game with an M4 (or one of it's dozens of variants), and no-one gives it a second glance, but with an AUG, people want to look at it!
  7. Docv400

    Few aug questions

    Not true I'm afraid. Any AEG will benefit from a MOSFET (and I'm talking simple, single MOSFET Switching Units). Doesn't matter what Battery you use, or what Motor is fitted, the Contacts will arc/spark every single time they're disconnected. A MOSFET will also give you more life from your Batteries, i.e. more shots before needing recharging, up to twice as many, depending on the build. You'll also notice a slight increase in ROF, and if that's not your thing, you can use a lower voltage pack. Trigger response is another benefit, and I'd argue that's a bonus no matter what your level of skill or experience.
  8. Docv400

    Looking for Glock Compensator

    Like this? http://airsoftgogo.com/en/product/product/473
  9. Docv400

    Painted Weapons Picture Thread

    Let's face it, no-one in authority would dare question whether that is actually >50% bright colours, for fear of having to actually prove it Not a huge fan of 'Digital' patterns, but that has to be the best DIY execution of the type I've ever seen, great job!
  10. Docv400

    M14 Picture Thread

    Apologies for the poor quality shots, didn't have time to take any more before it went back to it's owner... A friend's SOCOM and the Silencer I made for it. He wanted a fairly 'short and fat' one, which I didn't think would suit the Rifle, he wouldn't budge on the size so I suggested a compromise. Have the larger diameter, but offset the bore so the body sits lower, in line with the Rifle's stock. I think it came out OK...
  11. Docv400

    M14 Picture Thread

    Repeat after me... "Every M14 is Special".
  12. Docv400

    Painted Weapons Picture Thread

    I've used the Montana Gold range and am very impressed with the finish, huge range of colours available too, I'll never pay over the odds for Krylon again! It's best to use a primer designed for use on plastics before applying as well (on plastic parts).
  13. Docv400

    M14 Picture Thread

    Anyone tried posting 3D pics on here (or anywhere else for that matter)? The simple 'cross-eyed' method works pretty well... SSG69Pro posted these on his hand-made M14 Oak stock thread, enjoy... http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/index.php?/topic/173186-handmade-m14-stock-from-german-oak-picture-flood/page__view__findpost__p__2517592
  14. Docv400

    Painted Weapons Picture Thread

    Was that L96 Airbrushed Viper? My first attempt at a proper camo job...
  15. Docv400

    Steyr AUG FAQ and Helpdesk

    Will do sometime Hed. Only AUG I have to hand at the moment is my Son's JG A3 (yeah, I know), and they come with a MOSFET pre-installed. It's about time I slung an AUG together though, I think I have enough spare parts knocking around to build a complete one now. If I haven't, my eldest Son is out in HK for a few more days...

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