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  1. Virgin Media! I would never recommend them to anybody. I have had to send a letter of complaint because of how inconsistent our connection is (0.9/20mb). To add to insult yesterday I received the bill which included a £5 payment handling fee and £1.50 for paper bills. When the rep came to the door I set up a standing order and I was never told that there was a charge for having a bill on paper.
  2. Jason & Dave, I agree that there are a lot of students out there who do stupid degrees and can't pay off their debt, but there are also those who are coming out with good degrees in subjects like engineering and they cannot get jobs either! I am going to be in approx £20k+ of debt by the time I leave, if I don't get a job (quite likely atm) then how am I supposed to pay it off with the interest rate rising as I am no longer in further education. If I was to pay £9k a year in tuition then I would be looking at over £30k in tuition fees alone, let alone living costs. Yes some students get
  3. Airsoft Armoury have them for £369.99 Anyone know where I can get a screw that goes under the barrel just behind the gas block (not in the gas block)? I asked AA when I went up there (as it never came with one so the front end keeps coming lose) but they just said I would have to pay to send it off to their technician. They couldn't give me his number as it's residential and I gave my number to give to him and they never did
  4. Finally found a replacement drivers seat for my car and have a full spare matching interior All it cost was the fuel used to collect it The back cover needs cleaning and hence hasn't been attached yet
  5. Only 4 are mine, the other 4 are going with the new MP7 to my mate. However, this weekend I get to dual wield as he with his girlfriend for valentines day. There is one upside to being single
  6. Lol, inquisition begins... *without trying to sound like i'm being an *albatross** I know the nozzle adds no power. He told me that when Firesupport tested it (they installed the new nozzle for him) it was doing 350fps using 0.28g bb. That makes the assumption that it was fired indoors where the temperature was probably 20-25C. My current MP7 isn't stock; when I bought it I put in a Shooters Design CNC rocket valve. It is deffinately KSC as it has the right trades, box and iirc a RF nozzle doesn't fit the KWA without mod(?). When I first took it out to the field, it chrono'd at
  7. It's already been upgraded with the nozzle and the plan is to get a NPAS in it straight off. Might get one for my current one but Sunday gone it was firing 351fps at 2 degrees C on Green and ~330fps on Ultra. It easily held it's own against most of the AEGs in the field.
  8. I did do some math and it would pan out at about the same price if I were to import one, inlcuding approximate tax charges. I did mention to the guy about the nozzle springs and it is something i would probably check for myself before taking it out into the field. The guy did say that other people were offering their first born children as an exchange, but i requested first refusal. Early bird gets the worm
  9. That is my thinking. Plus, if i decide I don't need so many I can always sell them, I'm sure there are other people who would want them *finger pyramid of evil contemplation*
  10. I already haggled it down from £600!
  11. I'm after a quick bit of advice... I've been offered an KSC MP7 which has been upgraded by a shop with a readyfighter nozzle, not seen action in the field but has been used. It will come with 6 extra 40rd mags making a total of 7. The guy wants £550 for the lot. Is that a bit steep considering I picked up my first one for about £240 (stock condition) with one mag. Makes it £250 for the gun and £50 a mag. I know they are rare but there's a limit...
  12. I'm a "hospitality assistant" at a retirement village working in the restaurant.
  13. Getting back on topic; Being at work with just about nothing to do for the next 3 hours! Sandwiches only tonight so it's deadly quiet (hopeful that isn't literal seeing as it's a retirement village). Already made myself a bacon sandwich and drank copious amounts of tea. Shame my rather attractive (female) collegue is somewhere in the back doing some shop paperwork.
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