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  1. damn you jonboy, and your awesomeness! *grin* glad to see you still rocking the polski too
  2. is it possible to buy this in the uk? I saw a couple of chaps cutting about in it but they had actually been in/were from norway.
  3. looks like a trick of the light, its common on lower definition images for light tones to blend with little depth, making them seems like part of the lighter background, if the background was darker and the light lower the barrel would appear to bend upwards slightly. or magic from space
  4. hey ghostninja, f+ing cool stuff. imaginary plus one to you mate. i love the older US woodland stuff
  5. isn't this really just down to being able to carry off a certain look? i could be wearing a DPM kilt and wielding an m134a and its a dpm picture. as for the special forces, please guys, settle down. seriously, its embarrassing watching people argue on the internet. agree to disagree or something 'till proof comes up either way. i'm with carrion. its really not that important. More pictures!
  6. *laughs* you know you're hardcore when breaking limbs doesn't detract form a great time out *cough* hope you're on the mend though mate. pictures are excellent, and your kit looks spot on.
  7. my 's2000' trousers and smock were however vastly better than the cs95 ones i had, especially the trousers, whick felt a bit like tissue paper in comparison. 'quick drying' in this case meaning 'not much there to soak up the water' so, gimmick or not, they were still pretty good
  8. wow, marpat works perfectly there. and of course, i really love the thunder maul
  9. its a good look, shame the guy turns out to be a psychopahic screwup. also, that galil, just wow. coolness comes in black
  10. this is NOT the place to have another chicken wing debate. take it into its own topic please. also, cool loadouts would like to see somemore, maybe DPG ?
  11. i always found that one a bit of a poser, the sling being there to stop someone having your weapon off you. in systema (russian martial discipline close to combat sambo, not the ptw), we're taught to pretty much hang a guy up or bind his head and shoulders with the sling and generally make it into a liability in close quarters. then again, we're also taught to take the rifle off them if they don't have the sling (no discussion here, i'm using this as a vehicle to state situation of sling in combat, not inciting a 'you couldn't do that/physical contact in airsoft is bad' debate). comes down
  12. get one and spray it, the addition of a Russian PBS1 suppressor would make an acceptable facsimile of the suppressed serburo used in ghost in the shell-Stand Alone Complex. look for a new thread in the 'scifi' topic
  13. hey, a poseidon. those things rock all day and night cheers guzzihero
  14. i've seen paras and ghurka rifles folding their sling in a similar fashion to that but wrapped around the pistol grip instead of the magwell , if its not interfering with his mag changes let him to it. its a pretty good look you've got going on i like the dpm/desert mix. seems more authentic given our somewhat sporadic acquisition and tendency of squaddies to get attached to things that work for them over dressing themselves out of a catalog. thumbs up.
  15. put the pouches as far around to the rear as you can get them, squashed together, and run a piece of bungee through the loops between them. this'll stop them bouncing about and flogging your tender bits when you're running about, and stop the ammo pouches from digging into you when you're prone. ...i'm not sure some of the above comments fall under 'constructive' c'mon lads, you're more ally than me any day, give the chap some advice.
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