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  1. Threaded barrel. Silencer
  2. Finally done after 5 hours of filing.
  3. Prime kit Prime silencer TM p226
  4. P226 and Prime kit will be here tomorrow. Freaking should've been here today if it wasn't for WGC wrote my zip code wrong!!!!!
  5. if you ever sell that p226, you let me know
  6. chris 781 where did you get the pgc kit?
  7. Can anyone tell me how the Guarder kit compares to the PGC and Prime? thanks. +1 will be awarded.
  8. anyone know where i can get a set of PGC metal kimber kit? its soldout everywhere.
  9. hey mathub, i'm purchasing a pgc marsoc kit for my kimber. i was wondering is the pgc kit hard to install? would it work with a scw3 gun? and i'm buying the kit and a shooters design steel marsoc chamber for 300 USD is that a good deal? thanks for all the help.
  10. jordan2139

    1K club

    You have a G&P Aimpoint of a Sr-25??
  11. I'll play too! Before: After:
  12. Great review! Gun looks very nice. Are G&P stock guns on steriods? 250 feet with a stock gun is pretty amazing.
  13. You removed the hop up for accuracy?
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