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  1. Damn if you went into my house with that gear and shotgun... I would ###### myself.
  2. http://airsoftglobal.com/product_info.php?products_id=5750 Just thought you all might want to see these. I kept emailing airsoftglobal about 416 upgrades so he decided to put this up .
  3. I like it! It's got a modern yet old school look to it. Me thinks I'll try to get a real one
  4. My precious The scope is just for scouting purposes. With the 9.6v battery I'm running, the ROF is super impressive!
  5. That MP7 puts many to shame. Just got a UMG but I'm waiting until I get my silencer tuesday to put up pics.
  6. Seconded, makes a great wallpaper!
  7. Very nice Evilliboba! The CA M14s though will just be so nice externally. I think the TM is too plasticy but I still think mine will outshoot most anything.
  8. I almost blew a load when I saw the CA scout Just kidding!
  9. Shell catchers are only cool if you're an assassin otherwise let the lower police guys pick them up.
  10. Kaz you win the prize. I don't know what prize but you win!
  11. I'm building mine right now... unfortunately I have to put my guns vertical which is a major bummer but there will be pics in the next few hours.
  12. But now you can go back and forth Socom to regular! I'll post my pic shortly, my camera is acting up and I've had the M14 for a month now. Time to show her off.
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