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    Dboys BI-3891DX CQB-R (with G&P Aimpoint WILCOX mount, PEQ, ect.) - Prettiest thing ever.
    WGC Custom M733 A1 (with Systema M120 Mechabox)
    TM M14 SoCoM (M120 & Madbull piston)

    PANTAC OD MBSS with a load of accessories
    "Ranger" Modular System Vest (from Begadi.com) - Cheap and good quality.

    UHF Puxing PX777 transceiver (4Watts, Fyou weak 446PMR's) - EU customs just hate these! Be careful when ordering from china - no support from Puxing factory, so no "CE" confirmation.

    2x M136 AT-4's with DIY electrically engaged pyrotechnics!
    (Am I mad or what)
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  1. Jay L.Macrae


    That's his "Real Steel" M-14 from his "Service" days... @ Dark... Great to see you active in these forums. Is the SR-25 your current project or one of your oldies? Btw, you really should enter Arnies Build Off contest with your "other" project. Or at least show off some pic's.
  2. Block II upgrade... Yay! A.C.M Daniel Defence Mk18 RIS II... Real nice quality, but a SOB to install. Even the Dboy's Marui spec threads were too high. Had to sand them down a bit. Got to find a BUIS for the bow now... Its almost perfect and I'm running out of ideas on what to do next. When's Block III due?
  3. Yep... PVC Holster for Molle... Took 3 hours, an oven, a PVC pipe and some baking mittens... Why?... B'cause no one has Kydex here.
  4. Actually I use 5... 3 in the front, one in the other cummerbund pocket and one in the gun... I've been playing for 6 years now... and my experience and style of play determines that I never need any more per contact. I'm usually either the team leader, doing all the shouting and planning or the first or second guy in the door... also known as the first KIA. Pistols not so much, but yeah I usually end up in the respawn zone after 45 minutes or so. I actually used to have loads of mags on my belt, but as the years progressed less and less of them got used... So this is what's lef
  5. My Backup rifle with a M203 RIS... Wish I had a non RIS M203, but its nothing to be ashamed of so here are some pics: My primary went on a diet... Now running a 2000mAh 7.4 Lipo in the stock tube.
  6. Jay L.Macrae

    M4 CQB-R w M203 RIS

    My Back-Up Rifle
  7. Jay L.Macrae

    M4 CQB-R

    My custom Dboys M4 CQB-R with Optics Depot 553 Sight, A.C.M AN/PEQ-15 box and Hugsby M2 flashlight
  8. Jay L.Macrae


    Some classical SAM-R style M16 photos Dboy's M16A4 with an old Sytema Mechabox, torque-up gears & M140 spring...Regular Dboy's motor btw. and going strong. Running a 9.6V NiMh, no Li-po yet. A.C.M Folding sight A.C.M Bipod Some Illuminated Optics And Hey Presto... a SAM-R of a sort of a DMR rifle. Needs a 20rd Pmag.
  9. My CQC kit with 1337 tactical pillow stuffing Vest is a DIY 6094 style carrier tranformed from a cheapo china MBAV...Turned out quite good. Emerson BJ FAST Helmet
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