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  1. Bloodsword, how did you weather that AKS74U? Looks awesome, I might do something like that to my AKMS.
  2. The PBS-1 is by Building Fire. I thought it was going to be made of steel when I bought it but turns out it's aluminium. I don't mind though, this way the gun is a little less front heavy. I agree that internals should not be a main concern. The thing with airsoft guns is that if it's broken on the inside, that's generally pretty cheap and easy to fix. Bad externals are very hard to fix.
  3. From what I've seen, the one thing E&L has over LCT is the crisp selector markings. Other than that, they're pretty much the same. LCT might have nicer internals, they don't seem like that standard ACM fair. I did some stuff to my LCT 104. New suppressor and gas tube rail, stippled the foregrip. Sling is NVA:
  4. What kind of scope mount have you got on there Eizen? Looks cool.
  5. I suppose that makes sense. Yep, the thread of a real AK is supposed to be M24x1.5. I think it's sometimes called 22mm because that's about the value you would get if you used a pair of calipers to measure an internal thread. Thanks blobface, that does look like the thing. If it fits on a VFC then it should go on an LCT as well.
  6. You're right, VFC does seem to have made one and from what I gather Element made a clone of it as well. So there are potentially two different models that come with the big threads. I'll look around and see if I can find either one is stock anywhere. The AK in question is an LCT AK105. The 24 mm threads are a part of the front sight post, there are no smaller threads underneath. I don't understand why LCT decided to make it like that.
  7. Hey guys, do you know if any airsoft manufacturer makes a suppressor that fits the 24mm right hand threads you find on some AKs? Some of the PBS-1 suppressors I've seen pictures of have some kind of thread insert and it seems like the bigger thread could be 24mm but I can't be certain. I've got a G&G PBS-1 and it for sure does not fit.
  8. Got some stuff for my AK104: NVA sling and a Belomo BP-02 mount.
  9. My LCTs. The AKMS is four years old and has a soviet hand guard. The AK-105 (or 104 since I use the same mags in both) I got on Thursday. Tried it out today, needs a more powerful motor I think.
  10. Thanks! Yes, subtle was what I was going for and I was inspired by Far Cry. I originally picked up a can of OD krylon for this, but then I was in the local airsoft store and saw a can of dark brown. I had the idea that a tone that's fairly close to the base color might look cool. The steel parts (foregrip and top cover) came out especially nice I think.
  11. Worked up the nerve to paint my FAL: The masking took a loooong time.
  12. Yuri


    Thanks guys! My plan is to make a reflex suppressor out of an old KSC TMP suppressor, something like this: The TMP suppressor has the same blued steel finish and is about the same size. I'm waiting for the tap for the barrel threads to arrive before I try it.
  13. Yuri


    Fielded this thing for the first time yesterday: The rubber band was there to stop the carrying handle from making a rattle, but turns out it wouldn't anyway. The foregrip is real STG-58, the optic mount I made myself. I have a suppressor thing planned out for it and if I get that done I'll take a better picture.
  14. Thanks guys! After making the locking lever I discovered why the vertical lever that you'd find on an L1A1 for example is much more common on different FAL variants. The knob on the horizontal version gets a little in the way when you try to operate the fire selector. I decided to stick with the horizontal style lever since this way it covers up the part of the receiver that I milled and I don't have to paint anything.
  15. An update on my FAL. The STG-58 foregrip arrived and was nearly a drop-in fit like Judgeman said. I also did some work on the lower receiver. I was annoyed by King Arms' choice to cast every single detail on it: The body pins were alright, but the fake locking lever did it for me. I milled of everything I found offensive: Then I made my own bits of flair from steel and blued them: A vast improvement I'd say.
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