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  1. I found that a piece of zip tie was perfect on my gun--placed loosely between the trigger and trigger bar. I subsequently made a replacement out of some styrene model sprue. Same result--the trigger bar needs to travel just a millimeter or 2 more than it does stock. I recently revisited my P90 after it sat idle for a while. All the mags leaked, some quite ferociously, and the nozzle cracked and then jammed in the bolt. This is a result of the nozzle cracking at the small hole the pin passes through. The home made pin walked out and jammed up in the bolt. New nozzle on the way from KY
  2. On a completely different note-- I have horrible full auto on my sample, and it is coincedent with the installation of the Hephaestus steel trigger kit. I can not say for certain that the kit caused it, but apparently this is a somewhat known issue of incorrect mechanical timing or interaction that can be corrected by filing a certain part. This was mentioned a few pages back... Any illumination--and especially pictures--would be very welcome :D
  3. I have a K and two A2s--one with a solid stock and one with a retractable stock. One was a sale off a forum and was used. The other two were from airsplat, which had imported small numbers of the K and A2 solid stock into the US.
  4. The RA Tech parts kit has received some bad press for fitment issues. The Hephaestus set goes in pretty easy, though I did have to buff some tooling marks out with emery cloth. And I also picked up a wonky issue with full auto, but I'm not positive that it's from the parts kit... You might as well order the parts--the hammer will fail. To my under-educated eye, the parts in the pic look stock to me.
  5. Could you elaborate on that please? After installing the kit, my full auto is pitiful. It is especially bad when combined with the WE short stroke kit--BBs basically just spit out the barrel.
  6. www.kyairsoft.com is reliable and reasonable. I have recently ordered a number of repair parts from them. They will break down a gun as well if necessary to provide parts.
  7. I found the fit to be loose as there was no relief made to accommodate the fillet on the "axle" on the hop unit. This resulted in slop perpendicular to the axle in my case. Maybe they made some changes...
  8. Even the Craft Apple Works mags, which are not particularly good, say .45 ACP on the plastic housing. The new ones I just received say nothing at all. ????? That makes sense and could very well be the case. Mags look to be of good quality and hold gas. Haven't tested them yet though.
  9. I just today received 2 mags I bought from evilbay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/262529271454?_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT They came in KWA boxes, and have orange warning stickers (on the mag itself) that appear identical to ones applied to KZ61 mags I've purchased elsewhere( and are definitely genuine KWA product). They do NOT say KWA, .45 ACP, KRISS VECTOR or anything else for that matter, such as the one (definitely) genuine mag I have, or the Craft Apple Works mag I have. Did KWA stop putting markings on the plastic housing of the mag? Or have I been
  10. You are THE man. Enjoying the videos as well. Thank you!
  11. You are definitely the leading authority on this product. By chance did you measure the O rings?
  12. What are the size of these O rings? 7 bucks and change (plus shipping) for ten O rings is a little steep in my book. I swear I have read the entire thread!
  13. I'll give this a try. I am 6 feet tall with arms proportionate to that height. It just seems that I really have to crane my neck to get my cheek onto the stock so I can use the sights. I don't skirmish, so I was wondering how anyone really sights down this thing, what with hip firing being disallowed. Of course a red dot would probably help but I've been lazy in digging one out and putting it on. I also do notice some hand/wrist fatigue when doing double and triple taps.
  14. Now something completely different... Would anyone besides me like to have an extended stock like the AEGs do? It is rather uncomfortable to sight and fire...
  15. Second that, although I'm not as sure about the SMG-8 as the G39. The product is definitely not for the faint of heart. Expect to make repairs and do service VERY regularly. If this were a car, it would absolutely be declared a lemon. If it were a toaster, there would be mass returns and the landfills would be teeming with them. But being an airsoft product, apologies are made for it. It is fun the shoot and it has the appeal of being the only GBB P90. If it were an M4, NO one would bother with this siht pile.
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