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  1. been waiting to see a good picture of that. Glad you are getting some use out of the set.
  2. Thanks for the review with lots of pictures. I'd love to pick one up, soon as someone has it in-stock again. Other than Gunners, are any other retailers selling this?
  3. Sorry for the phone-pic USP compact 9mm USP 40 - TM AEP USP 45 tactical - KWA US version
  4. Apologies for the picture quality, and the intrinsic blasphemy. Behold, the G36-SAW (actually a very useful skirmishing set up, if one does not care about silly things like real-steel equivalence)
  5. NeoVeNom, that PSG-1 makes me tingle in all the right ways.
  6. It's an aftermarket G&P barrel. I purchased the short only version of the 416, so I did not get a VFC outer barrel.
  7. Here's some of my HK stuff. I'm always hesitant to post, because I am definitely not a milsimmer, and I know some of my abominations can be real eye-burners. So, put on your goggles, and enjoy: My G36s: My UMG(P) UMP with some of my USPs. I have 7 USPs at this point - KWA, KSC, TM, DE, and HFC. Here's the TM AEP and KSC system 7 UMP with VFC HK416 G36 close ups are in the G36 thread, if anyone is interested.
  8. I'll take that as a compliment, seeing as to how you never like anything, by anybody, ever. I was going for a look sort of like the rifle from F.E.A.R. 2 (and obviously, from the the first F.E.A.R too with my one CA8-2), but didn't want to spend a bunch of money on it. It feels really good though, so I'm happy with it and will probably leave it configured this way for a while. Also, I want to second the thoughts by URPeaceKeeper above. I was really impressed with my Gen II SRC G36. After owning 5 CAs and 1 STAR, the SRC was a very pleasant surprise for the price, with lots of nice little
  9. Some pictures of my G36 abominations I love abominations. Sorry my camera is a blurry POS
  10. Yep, that's the one. Leave it to good ol' Evike to double the price of an ACM part. I'll post more pics today from some requests.
  11. Here's the pictures I promised - it's the one on the far right that has the handguard - keep in mind, the rails and bipod did not come with the kit. I didn't like the c-length rails, and I took the bipod off of a STAR handguard (the one that comes with their full-size G36). I hope this doesn't burn any eyeballs too badly - I like a scifi look to my guns... I'm not exactly "but dude, it's milsim" group shot: and a close-up
  12. I bought one of these from Ehobby: http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/accessories/gri...-marui-aeg.html - it's a great kit. The handguard's texture is similar to my STAR handguards for G36s. In fact, I took the bipod off my STAR E-length handguard and put it on to this kit in addition to the rails. I'll take some pics soon to show it off. It includes an SL8-style two-piece outer barrel, which is steel, heavy, and needs oiled, plus rails - which unfortunately are all C-length rails. I used an extra-long bottom rail off a G&P tactical K handguard and long side rails from a leapers kit. For the
  13. I have this handguard set as well. It's on par with the STAR surface texture and feel, and seems very sturdy. The rails are heavy strong metal and so far the paint seems pretty chip-proof. If I had one complaint with it, it would be that the hardpoints for the screws have threaded inserts that can be pulled out if you tighten the screws too hard. Just don't over-tighten the rails and it's a great piece of kit.
  14. STAR is the only other one I know of except for after-market body kits like Army Code. EDIT: someone answered while I was typing this - oh well.
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