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  1. Just got this bad boy (6"). Can anyone tell me how to disassemble it? I need to lower the fps and try to jury rig in a hopup.
  2. For those of you who have steel slides, have you tried co2 mags on them? And if you have, which brand of mag, WE or KJW? Care to share your experiences (or even a video)?
  3. I believe px-airsoft has some too. Never tried them out though, so I'm not sure of their service quality. px-airsoft
  4. The red dot's great. I put a review of the unit in the tactical equipment and accessories review section if you need more in depth info. I may not be able to compare to the star version, but I can say that it's perfectly usable.
  5. Just got my acm carry handle red dot/laser
  6. Here is a picture of the windage and elevation adjustment slots (adjusted using an allen key) And here is a picture of the on off switch for the dot, along with the windage and elevation adjustments for the laser, which are unmarked and use a smaller allen key. Notice how the unit is attached to the rail with a large screw similar to those used on eotechs. Overall, the unit works beautifully, albeit with some cosmetic flaws. I’d say that it was worth the money, especially since the unit doesn’t have to be used on the G36 carry handle and can be attached onto anything with
  7. Here it is, ordered from gunnerairsoft about a week ago, and I just got it a few days ago. At $53 USD, this thing may seem a bit pricey compared to other red dots on the market like the G&P aimpoint, but it makes up for it with its uniqueness in shape as well as with its dual rds and laser function. First off, the whole unit is built from metal and feels both hefty and sturdy. The paint seems like it’ll hold up fine and won’t be prone to chipping. However, there is one big problem with the unit, which may or may not be present on others depending on the QC of the unit. The
  8. Yeah, I've been struggling with that and switching between the c rail and optics handle every couple months. It just looks so sexy with the optics handle though! I guess the best option would just be an aimpoint on the c rail. I still like the magnification of the optics handle though, so if anyone can show me a g36 with an aimpoint and magnifier, that would help ease the pain.
  9. I already have the reflex sight, but it just didn't look good enough for me. The reason I don't want the micro, doctor, or eotech is because all I've found through research is that they don't perform well, especially with windage and elevation adjustments, which is a big problem when they'll be mounted so high up. The s point also seems to have gotten bad reviews also. I was wondering if anyone has pictures of a g36 carry handle optic with a 30mm rds like the G&P delta sight or something less common. The reflex sight jutting out up there just seems to ruin the lines of the g36. Somet
  10. Does anyone have any suggestions for a good rds to put on top of a g36k with an optics handle? I want something low profile that's not an ap micro or doctor sight, and not an eotech. I've been thinking of the G&P ap m2, but it just seems a bit odd so high up there, and it kinda ruins the sleekness of the g36.
  11. Have you tried any of the gbb m4's? If you have, how does the recoil of the GHK compare to the m4s?
  12. Does anyone know where to get a body kit that can convert a cm031 into an ak74m? Preferably on the cheap side?
  13. Scharf got it right, it's a cm031. Back in the day it was great, but now I would really like a vfc styled ak over a tm style since it seems that vfc ones are built more solid. Over the years, it's started to wobble and creak, but I gave it a make over internally and did some light wearing externally to tide me over until I can get a broken kalash ak that I can transfer the internals into.
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