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  1. I was getting tired of the supressor...now all I need is an elongated flash hider to hide every mm of the 455mm barrel. Clean and simple M4s FTW.
  2. Bearing bushings have less friction than standard bushings, and the larger size bearing bushings you go with, the less friction it will have over the smaller bearing bushings. 8mm gearboxes are a ROF ######'s dream.....10mm even more so, but if only they were produced.
  3. Myself and my CO at a local open play event this past weekend
  4. Damn you! It looked better in all black, but that's just me.
  5. Oh my God, you didn't just paint the Beta OD?!?!
  6. Decided to put the can back on the M4...
  7. Took some more pics of the M4 while the weather was beautiful:
  8. Decided to have an Armalite photoshoot....
  9. You "borrowed"...or I mean stole my BUIS and the loan was up.
  10. Thanks. It pretty much has SIADIA.
  11. Haven't post any pictures in a while. Here's my latest configuration: Hope you like.
  12. 14mm CCW is generally found on airsoft barrels from Tokyo Marui, King Arms, Classic Army, etc., but 14mm CW is generally only found with G&P barrels. So to answer your question, no, but CCW is much more common than CW.
  13. All photos above were taken at the official Team Phalanx MOUT/CQB center at an undisclosed location.
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