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  1. Since I liked how the Spyderco Tuff worked for chopping tasks in the yard, I recently acquired the Spyderco Rock Salt
  2. lol found out yesterday Amazon warehouses have a no knife policy. Had to leave my PM2 with security the whole day.
  3. So the Spydie collection grows, I bought a Delica $ Wharncliffe since I'm supposed to start at an Amazon warehouse...until it gets here...a cheap box cutter and ParaMil2 S110V is a go...doubt a ZT would be friendly or worth the potential wear
  4. I wish Spyderco made a wharncliffe Endura
  5. Nice, I wanted a SpydieChef, but since they were delayed, I just got another SV110 PM2 instead. Kinda glad since there are mixed reviews on it now.
  6. I almost bought the SpydieChef last year...but got a second PM2 instead. lol the PM3 S110V kinda has my interest, but as I said I have two of them so I might as well get something different.
  7. I managed to snag a used Spyderco Tuff for 250USD and might be selling a ZT 0550 ....debating on getting a ZT0460 or a Spyderco Delica Wharcliffe Edit: removed an amount that gave a false impression I was trying to sell it via Arnies. It's been forever since I looked, but pretty sure it's against the rules.
  8. I've seen auctions for both starting at like 300 for the Swick and 600 for the Tuff...
  9. I almost got on that Massdrop Dragonfly deal, but decided if I wanted another Spyderco in that price range I'd either go get a ClipIt with the bottle opener or a DK pen knife. I've been also eyeing a Swick and Tuff....but they're so expensive now that they're discontinued....
  10. >.> I've been carrying a Spyderco ParaMil2 in Blurple, ZT620, and a ESEE Izula 2 on me most days
  11. I've been buying a somewhat odd ball assortment of knives recently (ZT620 & Spyderco Equalibrium)...on buying replacements...sure you do of different variations...or if one gets lost. For instance, my Franken Kershaw Blur got lost at factory last year for sharpening, I just replaced it with a S30V version.
  12. I vaguely recall someone putting LEM bits into a KSC/KWA USP Compact...
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