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  1. AliceHKfan

    Tokyo Marui Hk USP F

    now that I think about it due to Swatti's comment, I wonder if TM replicated the recoil spring like KSC did
  2. AliceHKfan

    Tokyo Marui Hk USP F

    I like how in the wallpaper they used the old school USP cases...but the real ones are much lighter in colour iirc
  3. AliceHKfan

    Tokyo Marui Hk USP F

    Full Size edit: I took a look at the stock photo of the spare mag...they based them off the older plastic style ones...though they're probably made of metal lol
  4. AliceHKfan

    Tokyo Marui Hk USP F

    looks like the USP F is due out soon, I saw the preorder status on WGC Shop and on Tokyo Marui's website they posted a wallpaper for it
  5. AliceHKfan


    MSG90A1 would be more interesting than a PSG1 imo
  6. AliceHKfan

    WE Desert Eagle (Licensed by Cybergun)

    probably to mount a flashlight
  7. AliceHKfan

    WE G3

    Oh good I wasn't the only one who saw the P320 frames, I kinda hope they do a Hk53
  8. AliceHKfan

    My eye! Sweet Jesus, Ouch!

    my mum bought a new Dremel battery....cut my leg on the packaging
  9. AliceHKfan


    I'd love if they did a SG550
  10. AliceHKfan

    AW Custom 1911/V10 compact GBB pistol :D

    Wake me up when someone makes a SFA V16
  11. AliceHKfan

    Arnie's get together for a game topic!

    I think my Discord is the same, though the currently displayed name is something silly in Dutch
  12. AliceHKfan

    Arnie's get together for a game topic!

    Steam: LolitaAlice PSN: LoliChan I'm pretty *suitcase* a games...but want people to play with lol
  13. AliceHKfan

    KWA HK45 Initial Impressions and Real Steel Comparison

    I vaguely recall someone putting LEM bits into a KSC/KWA USP Compact...
  14. could the shot count also be on 3bbs not 6?
  15. AliceHKfan

    6mm Dodgeball racket

    Nice, old school 20rd mag

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