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  1. if any ones got a stock frame, slide or front sight handy, give me a message, am wanting some stuff to make repairs
  2. anyone know where i can get a cheap x200 knock off light????? not really willing to spend the £200+shipping+customs charges for a setup that nice on the gun it will end up going on, but if i can get a knock iff one then i think i can do it
  3. also wondering where you got that kit
  4. ok pro's got a quicke question for you, hitman currently has a gun of mine, which is completly stock, cant remeber if it was a marsoc or TLE, or a hybrid of the 2, either way, its only getting about 5 shots on a full mag of green or 134a, so, im guessing this to be related to the BBU, but im not convinced, anything else that would cause gas efficiency this ###### poor??
  5. yeah, but they dont look right to me, i thought they were flat and then potrudred outwards with a thread on the inside,, thats got a thread on the out side ??
  6. pic dont work, got a link
  7. am in need of help from a few of the guys in here, got a frame of above poster a while ago, but it seems all attempts to get the grip screw things that go in the frame have unfourtunalty failed rather misserably, anyone here got any spare?? also, can someone please tell me what the hell they are called, i have no clue
  8. it still is a 1911 based gun tho, i dont think tht para's were considered 2011's were they??
  9. i think i want to know what you blacked out and where the *fruitcage* your spots went but thats just me
  10. did i miss something?? i dont see any TM meu or detonics around, link please
  11. pro tip, take out the rubber in the recoil system for the battery trick, its there to make sure the slide locks 100% of the time, but it is no tneeded in any way
  12. dog cock is now necessity to posting pics in this thread, all pictures without dog cock will be banished
  13. withouth that mag, that gun makes me ejaculate alot
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