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    full metal MGS 1911
    stock Tm 1911
    stock WA marsoc
    J-armory FBI special
    TM 1911 springer

    soem glock springer i found
    and more, just typed this up cus someone was bitching at my spleeling
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    suck my balls
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    dunstable, in the U.K
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    sword fighting<br />cutting things<br />guns (airsoft)<br />shooting things<br />martial arts<br />punching and kicking things
  1. im uber ###### the rep system has gone, i was banned for a week and had 8 reps that i wanted to read (plus the seki-retarted thing was fun)
  2. i hate people who revive topics with unfunny things
  3. phoenix360mute


    as artistic as a 2MP phone camera lets me be
  4. $46 for three shells wow, might aswell buy real ones then
  5. i like it, it has the "classy assasin" look to it
  6. lol, all these post had made me laugh soo bad, but lets stop spamming before the mods come a running (even tho elrey did it )
  7. if he was gonna fake it, he could have like, toughed it up or something, instead of screamin like a *badgeress*
  8. am also intersted in a how to, and what gun is that, it looks very nice indeed
  9. sort of like how movies make a silencced gun sound? or is it just a quiter sewing machine sound?
  10. that looks just like the one out of hitman blood money, very nice gun indeed
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