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  1. badsailor

    Initial Impressions of the TM SOPMOD M4 AEG

    Not sure outside of Japan where they can be bought. Sorry. If you want some hit me with a PM and maybe I can get you a set. Absolutely agree, I even changed out the Tamiya connectors on the rods in my earlier post with Deans, but for people who don't know how/are afraid/can't soldier the rods work great
  2. badsailor

    Initial Impressions of the TM SOPMOD M4 AEG

    I wouldn't recommend the Baton battery adapter. It takes up a lot of the room in your stock and you have to rewire your batteries to Dean's. I personnly use these: http://www.option-no1.com/catalog/pdf/NO-CN39.pdf They are drop ins, requiring no mods. I have swapped out all my other adapters that I had and switched to these in my recce, sopmod, and 416. Been using them for about 6 months and have zero issues.
  3. It's an AIM Sports MTQ full length tactical rail for a Remington 870, fitting it was very easy. The rail doesn't come with any directions, but was a perfect fit, no modifications were required. Just pop out the two trigger pins, remove the front sight and install a barrel clamp. You will need a shell extension tube in order to clamp it on. The rail also came with a shell saddle, but it's for real shells. I really want a shell saddle too, but haven't been able to find one yet.
  4. badsailor

    Shotgun Picture Thread

    TM Goodness:
  5. I have had the issue of the butt pad falling off. So I added a shell holder with a strap over the stock butt pad. I also installed a RS rail, flip up sites, a laylax extended shell tube, a G&P Brake (took lots of work to fit) and an eotech clone.
  6. Used mine extensively today. Have to say, I love it. Only fired it in 3 shot mode though. I tried the 6 shot mode and it is definitely doing the 5 round thing unless you rack it really slow. 3 shot mode works great. The gun shoots straight and hard on 134a. I was able to get 5 shells out of one gas charge. Now, has anyone tried installing any RS parts yet? Like a Magpul MOE forend or a surefire LED? I know a shell magazine extension won't fit so I will have to try to manufacture one and mod it for a tactical choke as well.
  7. badsailor

    Tokyo Marui HK416D

    Does anyone know if a Magpul ASAP will fit? Also, how do you remove the buffer tube to install it?
  8. badsailor

    Tokyo Marui HK416D

    Just stopped by Echigoya in Akihababra earlier today and picked up a 416. They definitely have plenty left, I saw at least 10 on the shelf.
  9. badsailor

    Tokyo Marui HK416D

    Ginga, What field are you playing on Sunday? Maybe I'll see you out there and check out the 416 first hand for myself.
  10. badsailor

    SIG Picture Thread

    Completely agree, I have a guarder kit on my Sig. It took a while to get it fitted properly and getting the slide to kick back took hours of sanding to allow it to blowback properly. It is definitely heavier than the Prinme kit I have, but the metal doesn't feel cheap or pot. It just required a lot more work.
  11. badsailor

    H&K Picture Thread

    Anzriptide, I am so jealous. I have been looking for one of those LAM's for my mk23 for a while now. Can't find one for sale anywhere.
  12. badsailor

    SIG Picture Thread

    That 556 is perfect, I want one, unfortunetly GWS are all sold out of the FDE ones.

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