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  1. Echo

    Pics of your Gear

    Interesting thought, I guess I never figured it'd be acceptable kit. I did sort of plan on getting a MOLLE belt, but as of now, I don't really have a need for it, so I suppose I'll just stay more spec ops for the time being. Thanks for the comment!
  2. Echo

    Pics of your Gear

    Thanks, I am a bit large for the vest, it's a medium, and I'm about 6'3" 180lbs, but it fits well for my liking. I figured the belt wouldn't look to bad for a temporary thing, if it wasn't also my everyday belt I would paint the buckle black and be done with it. But I am purchasing a nylon duty belt anyhow, so no sense in ruining a perfectly good leather one. Thanks for the comment!
  3. Echo

    Pics of your Gear

    Just a quick shot of my gear thus far, still need a duty belt/Molle belt, comm setup, and a boonie. Tell me what you think. Also, got my APS 2 in as well, I'll be posting more pictures in the coming weeks. Kitlist: -Unilock Baseball Cap -Bolle T800s -Pantac MBSS -Pantac MAP -Pantac Admin Pouch -Pantac Triple M4 Pouch -Pantac MBITR Pouch -USMC Woodland FROG -Merrel Moabs Mids
  4. Echo

    Pictures of your Plate Carriers

    Missed this, The IFAK I have is also two rows, but I figured I wouldn't be able to access it quickly if I really needed to. For now I'm just going to omit the pouch all together, until I figure out if I really need it or not. Thanks for the input!
  5. Echo

    Pictures of your Plate Carriers

    I was thinking that, but as of right now I don't have much to fill it (Just a CAT), and so it would be just an extra empty pouch, and since I have the MAP I'm not in a real big need for storage. Also, I suppose I should mention this is for a DM kit, so the lighter the better, only reason I have the M4 triple still is for my APS-2 magazines. Thanks for the input!
  6. Echo

    Pictures of your Plate Carriers

    Just received my Coyote Brown Pantac MBSS. Kitlist includes: -MBSS -MAP -Admin -Triple M4 -MBITR I also have an IFAK, but don't really have a practical place to put it.
  7. Echo

    What music are you currently listening to?

    John Mayer: Battle Studies. Absolutely awesome!
  8. Echo

    Painted Weapons Picture Thread

    Bloodsword, that AK is amazing, nice work.
  9. Echo

    Painted Weapons Picture Thread

    The worn look of it does look good though, if you can get that with more of a tan color, it will be really nice.
  10. Echo

    Fan Fic

    Here is a Halo based Fan Fic I wrote, hope you enjoy! 0754 Hours, July 27, 2532 (Military Calendar) Crash Site Zero Area Foxtrot Two Two The rain was falling ever so slightly; the recovery team was sifting through the searing crater. A cold wind howled through the valley, and the trees rustled with life, although there was no sign of it here. "Sir I found something over here!" Lieutenant Combs looked up for a moment at the Marine, noticing the burnished object in the Marines hands. "It's the black box, play it…" The soldier activated the box, linking it to the local com channel. Voices echoed in the Marines helmets… "…Sarge the systems are failing, we're coming in too fast!" The nearby Marines stopped what they where doing, bowing there heads in silence. "Cut the engines! Pull the flaps up…, gentleman prepare for impact!" Screams of men resonated through the coms, static erupted through the headsets of the working Marines. "Shut it down, collect the box and label it for shipment to Sector seven. Men, keep working, no sign of them yet!" 1235 Hours, July 26, 2532 (Military Calendar) UNSC ODST Team, En Route to Area Foxtrot Two Two The humming sound of the duel turbo engines succumbed the ship into silence, the pilots manipulated the controls and the ship rocked slightly as the boosters kicked in and the flaps initiated. Aboard the Pelican class transport, where twelve ODST, "HellJumpers," each one going through a systematic ritual of cleaning and reloading their rifles. The operation seemed simple enough in the briefing report, but the cynical way command wrote up the missions showed in the attitudes of the harden Marines. Specialist Rock was glancing out the rear of the Pelican, his stomach was uneasy with anxiety, thumbing over again and again in his mind, the details of the mission at hand. A voice came across Rock's com, sundering his thought. "ETA five minutes, kill radio communication until we reach the LZ." 0758 Hours, July 27, 2532 (Military Calendar) Crash Site Zero Are Foxtrot Two Two The rain started falling harder now, steam resonating from inside of the crater. Pieces of the craft were being moved to nearby offload ships, each being tagged before disposal. Although no bodies had been found yet, death lingered in the humid air around the working Marines. This hadn't been Lieutenant Comb's first recovery mission, but the relationship to the crew made it harder than previous ones. It's always the usual protocol, first they are sent in as a Search and Rescue team, only having an optimistic attitude before they see the crash site, after then it goes down hill, fast. For the most part, the recovery team was an unsentimental group, desensitized from previous efforts. Seeing fallen Marines is never painless, but as time goes on, you learn to deal with the pictures combat paints around you. 1237 Hours, July 26, 2532 (Military Calendar) UNSC ODST Team, En Route to Area Foxtrot Two Two Rock was a young man, barely out of special warfare training, only facing real combat during the invasion of, Harvest. The incident there was the UNSC's first encounter with them, though. His unit didn't know what they where up against, the enemies shear strength in numbers ostracized the citizens of the planet, from life and death in mere hours. Specialist Rock knew their capabilities, the power they had, the technology they possessed was much more advanced than any Human colony could ever imagine. And now it was their turn, this mission could turn the tides of the war. As the minutes rolled by, Rock gathered that familiar knot inside his stomach, nervousnous; he had received the best training the UNSC had to offer, he learned how to cover his man, how to operate the major enemy weapons that are commonly found on the battlefield, and for the most part, how to fight alone, as one with his unit. Yet his training still dismissed the fact on how to deal with a combat environment. But after all, the military isn't known for their sensitivity. Rock peered down at his boots for a moment, still lost in thought, with an ever growing knot inside him. His boots glimmered from the illustrious light gleaming from the water below his transport. He looked up, glancing at the other eleven soldiers in the carrier. Directly in front of him was his team leader, Gunnery Sergeant Scott. He had a face that Hates himself couldn't look though. His eyes were like a hawk, ever so diligent and yet so calm, there was a scar that blemished his face, originating from his chin just going past his left brow, a wound surely treated in the field. The familiar voice of the pilot came across the com channel. "Activate HUDs, thirty-seconds Marines, good luck!" Specialist Rock looked down again at the crashing waves below him, the glistening water had an eerie feel of comfort in it. He could see the smiles of his family; hear the laugh of his unborn son, and feel the warmth of his loving wife. A lone bird was gliding in the sky, hovering above the crashing waves, calling out in the distance, as if yearning for something more. Though still in the back of Rock's mind, he could see the horrors faced on Harvest, this was for them, his family, his memories; this was his fight.
  11. Echo

    Painted Weapons Picture Thread

    Looks really good mate, I presume that is the stock barrel of the pro sniper version? I hate the way my bull barrel looks on mine, hopefully soon though I'll be acquiring a 700mm outer. Very nice paint as well, right now I have a CB colour as my base, but I'm waiting until things start flourishing to paint the rest.
  12. Echo

    Painted Weapons Picture Thread

    Here are some quick snap shots of my rifle, newly painted. Thinking of either a digital scheme, or a standard DCU theme, enjoy! Yes I know, sunshade....
  13. Echo


    Well, I guess I should use this time to introduce myself. My name is Shawn, although I go by Oakey on the boards I frequent. Haven't requested a name change for here, as it really doesn't bug me too much. Anyways, I'm from the US, Michigan to be exact, I've been in the sport of Airsoft for just over four years now. I've met a lot of people since I first started, and I have too much money into it to quit. I own just one replica, a Tokyo Marui VSR 10 G Spec. She's my baby, and is undergoing major work right now, soon she'll be transformed into a totally custom rifle. It'll be revealed soon, but for now I can't show you anything. You can probably already guess from the choice of rifle I have, that I play the "Sniper" roll. I don't like being called a sniper, because in reality I do much less than the real world operators do, but more on this at a later date. That's pretty much the gist of me, feel free to stay tuned, as I have some more thoughts to let loose. -OaKeY
  14. Echo

    OaKeY's Gallery

    Airsoft Items
  15. Echo

    Silenced Guns Picture Thread

    A lot of silencers are great, King Arms comes to mind. My Classic Army QD silencer doesn't really make the gun quieter, it just makes more of a hollow noise.

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