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  1. Basically, this is replica of DS Arms short FN FAL. I always quite fancied one of these but the Classic Army one is a tad expensive. I was all set to stump up a couple of hundred quid for a clone when Gunfire in Poland put the Cyma one in their sale - £120 delivered. Promptly ordered. Well eventually. Gunfire might be cheap but their web site is either all Polish or a mixture of mainly English but some critical messages in Polish. Tricky. Also found that despite offering to accept Maestro cards the Polish paysite you are sent to has other ideas! Eventually paid with Paypal despite a small surcharge for that. Anyhoo. Four days later and it was here. The gun. It's the full stock version but with a short barrel and standard fore grip. Not unlike a sawn-off SLR. The top cover has a RIS rail running along its length. Externally, it looks great. Unfortunately when the gun arrived the stock was broken. I never bothered contacting Gunfire and set about fixing it along with reducing the power down to something more reasonable that 370fps. Taking the top cover off I noticed that the rod that supports the blowback mechanism was quite rusty. Well, at least it means it's steel! I also noted that getting the stock off requires taking out the gearbox. Ah well. I soon had the gun in bits and had a look at the stock. Turns out a captive nut had pulled out of its recess splitting the plastic. After a bit of head scratching (and hunting for my drill) I widened out the small hole behind the nut and used a 50mm M6 bolt to secure it from the other end. Not just fixed, stronger. There was slight play at the bottom of the stock where it joins the receiver, a couple of shims cut from aluminium fixed that. To be fair, I'm sure most folks wouldn't have noticed. The battery is stored in the stock and there is a plastic frame for an 8.4v mini-battery to sit in. It won't take a 9.6v without modification. I opted to leave the cage and just took the end off of the inside to allow for the slightly bigger 9.6v pack. I didn't try but I'm pretty sure that you couldn't fit a large battery. The hold open lever was very stiff but more or less functional; you have to hold it down to allow the bolt to pass to lock it open. It works, just. I couldn't leave it alone. After knocking out a couple of pins I polished the parts, cut about a third off the spring they had in it and reprofiled the catch to let the bolt easily slide over it. Reassembled it works perfectly. I was quite surprised to find that the V3 gear box used torx screws to hold it together like Marui guns. The wiring was neat and serviceable. Inside the box the Marui similarities continue with the spring being held within the piston by a small weight. However, the piston head is much easier to remove than Marui ones. With the gearbox apart I cut the spring down and reshimmed the gears as well as adjusting the angle of engagement by adding a plastic washer behind the piston head and filing down the last tooth on the piston. While I was rummaging looking for a Deans connector I came across an AWS microfet that I had bought ages ago so I rewired the gearbox and fitted the fet. All back together it now shoots around 320 which is a tad less than I was hoping for but perfectly acceptable. I find cutting springs to be a total shoot regards the end result. Haven't checked the rate of fire since the battery was dying but it sounds pretty good. The gun is not really skirmishable in the UK out of the box and needs the spring changed or adjusted. With that done it would make a great addition to any body's collection and (apart from the broken stock on mine) represents superb value for money. Unfortunately, there are no custom parts available either so all you get to add is a sling and a sight if you want. Seems a shame not to use the top RIS. Looking at the gun the low cost is not evident and picking it up it's quite substantial. It's only when you look closely you notice that some of the tolerances aren't as good as they could be but for £120 I'm delighted.
  2. Libris

    TM FN Five-seveN GBB

    Well, the gun is here. Very nice but I can't quite decide whether it is comfortable or not! I've fitted the Guarder threaded barrel and unlike the regular one there is no movement at all when fitted. A thin coat of plasti-dip in the breach end made doubly sure. The PDI 6.01 barrel has been fitted as well and the barrel assembly is noticeably heavier than the standard one. I stripped out the inner slide and, after painting each side in plasti-coat, fitted the Creation aluminium one; there seems to be more clearance for the barrel and breach and recoil is brisk! I did paint the whole inner slide but it seemed a bit tight so I stripped it back off and just did the sides. The cut up old credit card as thin wedges makes short work of getting the blowback unit and inner slide out. Surprised at how easy it was given all the talk on the thread about it. Whited out the trades while I was at it. I have to say though, that 10mm diameter outer barrel looks weird; less than the inner diameter of a .45.
  3. Libris

    TM FN Five-seveN GBB

    Did you just stretch the spring and heat it or did you adjust it's uncompressed length to 130% of normal? I'm assuming the latter?
  4. Libris

    TM FN Five-seveN GBB

    Well, the gun and parts are on their way. Inner barrel from Japan, holster from the USA, inner slide from Hong Kong and the gun, outer barrel and some other miscelleneous 5-7 and Glock bits from the UK. An international effort! Now to get a tin of plasti-dip. Probably give the spring baking a go since it seems easy enough.
  5. Libris

    TM FN Five-seveN GBB

    Okay, the time has come to order one of these... and some bits. I've ordered a Creation inner slide. Before the gun. Tokyo Model's website indicated that they were not 'Out of Stock' which seemed to imply 'In Stock' and since they appear to be as common as hen's teeth I thought I'd get one. The gun seems relatively common by comparison. Rather than using gasket maker to bed it in though, I was thinking that a coat of Plasti-dip on both the slides might be an idea. I also fancy the Guarder threaded steel barrel to give me the option of fitting a silencer, a Nine Ball recoil ring and a PDI 6.01 Barrel. Having read the thread I think that plasti dip would also be ideal for the outer barrel to hop chamber area as well. The RCC recoil springs appear to have vanished off the face of the planet. A left handed Serpa will round it off perfectly. Although I stay in the 'no guns for honest people' United Kingdom - probably just as well really since I have enough problems with sharp objects - I did get a chance to fire the real steel when I was over in Seattle some years back. It was pretty cool and very comfortable to shoot.
  6. Libris

    Glock Picture Thread

    TM Glock 17 Guarder OD Frame Shooters Design Mag Catch PDI 6.01 Barrel Nine Ball Hop Rubber Decal Grip Tape
  7. Libris

    Glock Picture Thread

    TM Glock AEP with extras.
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