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  1. some of my helmets....maybe ill add an ssh40 in the next time
  2. thanks! a buddy machined it for me
  3. im open for suggestions..maybe i can improve it a bit..but for me its mostly done taddaaaaaaa on the back i have a large utility pouch and fak pouch, thats it...
  4. put a block of concrete on that rail and throw it into the ocean
  5. G&G stgw 90 i call it the swiss AK oh and: im lovin it
  6. buddy of mine is selling 8x mags for 40$ a piece shoot me a pm if youre interested =)
  7. well if anyone needs the stock plastik bolt, i have one here its slightly used of course..but nothing is broken
  8. got my aluminum bolt yesterday quality is very very good! its machined precise and nicely black anodized fits perfectly inside the bolt carrier, only the o-ring is very tight fit and doesn't move easily ill try to fit the o-ring from the plastic bolt, maybe this will help but it works perfectly and shoots maybe even better then before (cause of the tight seal i guess) i also noticed that my bolt carrier is broken on one side like some users reported already =/ lets hope ratech will make a bolt carrier of better material soon
  9. well compared to a WE m4 its WEAK but its not bad at all i like it...but dunno how to compare it to other stuff...its like a marui 1911 on green or so...maybe bit harder.. and btw i cheated on the mag..its an aeg mag the GHK mag would be very hard to convert to RS shell its not impossible but lot of work
  10. GHK GBB ak74s based on VFC with RS handguards and pistolgrip
  11. well you can order it already from GHK mine should be on the way soon
  12. i think its aluminum not steel but thats not bad either =)
  13. yeah stick it into a 74m and gimme a pair of RS 74 wooden handguards =P
  14. thanks =) its so simple that it rocks even more
  15. tested the mac10 and WOW i love it, performed great
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