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  1. TheBauer


    LOL i hate it when that happens LJ last time i went i goted bout 5 hits and i shouted out hit, then as i was on way back to safe zone i realised not one hit me, even tho it was only from about 5m away i just assumed. that was a bummer as for the pain factor i think it all depends. point blank range they can hurt, but again its the sort of pain that goes after a few minuates. i got shot while marshelling once right behind where the VFORCE mask end, so it hit me in the back of the ear, the dude was bout 10m away, it was probably an accident but neither of them owned up to it, anyhow that cut the back of my ear and that REALLY hurt for about half the day.
  2. TheBauer


    sorry thought it was arniegeddon not fat camp
  3. TheBauer

    Videos Thread !

    thanks for your replys. i plan im making a longer decent video, 11/12th march is the official opening of Mission Airsoft and i plan to record as much as possible of the action. end of april i am looking at buying one or two gun mountable cameras, these units are self contained and record footage at 15fps at 640x480 resolution, though not great, they take sd cards and can hold an hours footage, might be worth getting one to test before buying another though.
  4. TheBauer

    Videos Thread !

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2dk587ECkds beta video 24 style
  5. TheBauer

    'An angel under the star'. Grin


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