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  1. Bought a Glock26C off this chap, posted special delivery once confirmed i was a skimisher, very good condition, very please with it and the efficienty of the seller.

    would deal with again.

  2. Great deal on the TM M14 he was selling, really happy with it my end. Would definatly deal with again !

  3. Pleasure to deal with, nice and simple.

  4. lol, 'shame' hes not around any more.
  5. Nice guy to deal with, no problems :)

  6. Brill guy to deal with! recommend any day of the week! :)


  7. I agree robbie, something just doesnt look right with the aimpoint on it, i think its the mount more than anything.
  8. i agree that not having to state an asking price was anoying. but i always found my items sold alot quicker over there than here, maybe because they were in the correct sections and not 5 pages deep.
  9. We dont mean seperate sections for each rifle, just a seperate section for all stuff sniper related. then threads will get stickied if they are of importance. The problem is question and answers are being buried in the 145 page thread and then keep popping up because the thread is to long to read through.
  10. TDS, your name was already mentioned but yes, basicaly a sub forum, with relevent posts stickied 'possibly closed' if need be, then moderators to clear the general threads that will then surface.
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