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  1. LOL, I don't... The long AR is just a collection of spare and alternative parts for the M4, around a non-working gearbox. I keep the scope on it when it's not on the Beryl.
  2. The collection is growing And I finally have a correct sight on the wz.96 - I've painted it to match the rifle after the picture was taken...
  3. Thanks! As for the parts, that's pretty complex, but here it is: The base is an Aftermath Kraken (a clear-receiver Ak-47, since i couldn't obtain any AK-74 at the time...) and then: -Metal AK-74 receiver, has to be a solid stock type (forgot the manufacturer, sorry, but it's one of those with separate steel immitation firing mechanism axes on the left side) -steel ribbed receiver cover (kit with the above) -nylon fiber black AK-74 hand grip (kit with the above) -VFC gas block, 90-degree AK-74 type (required a lot of dremeling to fit... any AK-74 style gas block will
  4. I absolutely hate it when people paint the classic models that come with wood furniture... There are modern AK derivatives out there, however, that end up painted often - Polish troops, at least some units, get to paint their Beryls. So I'm excused And thank you! I'm just an airsofter who happens to like V for Vendetta As for the paintjob - thanks... personally I think it could be a bit smoother here and there, but I guess the way it is now, it's quite authentic. Can't wait for the big milsim at the end of the month to give it some natural wear
  5. Lovely guns, guys Mine changed a little bit, so here it is - my wz.96 Beryl DMR
  6. Not quite sure myself, just fooling around after seeing V for Vendetta, LOL thanks for the kind words, everyone!
  7. After Voractiously spraying Volatile Vapors of Varnish for this new Verdant and Verdurous Veneer on my Veritable instrument of Vendetta... ... I came up with this: I've been torn between painting or not painting it for a long time now. I finally went for it and I'm glad. Okay, first of all, it was a huge lump of nothing but black, and I really liked some of those painted wz.96 Beryl rifles on Remov's photos. It's one of the few AK derivatives that can get away with it. I experimented with grass and plant stencils on a cheap M4 I also have, but I thought these '
  8. Congrats! Care to share some pics? As for the patches, your best bet would be to talk to the Polish airsofters here on Arnie's or register with the Polish forum at asg.pl
  9. that's a KP-12 with some mag pouches (you can choose a variety of types: http://www.miwo-military.net/-produkty/kid,69/-ADOWNICE, a dump pouch, a cargo pouch (http://www.miwo-military.net/-produkty/kid,97/KIESZENIE-OG-LNEGO-ZASTOSOWANIA) and a bunch of other little tidbits... If you're going Grom, then I'm afraid those guys went Multicam awhile ago. Just before the switch to 416s, I think. I don't know that much about their gear, they are quite free to get whatever they want, i guess. you should google them. And try militaryphotos.net
  10. Yeah, the third one from the top is an immitation E11 blaster - part of my stormtrooper costume for the 501st legion (www.501st.com) Yeah, about that... Sorry about the mess. It's a tiny, temporary appartment. I'm moving next month. The new place is much bigger and I'm planning on displaying my stuff on mannequins there - the full stormtrooper armor and my airsoft gear. maybe when I bring my Viking re-enactment stuff over from my parents' place in Europe I'll add a third one, LOL
  11. Sweet, I didn't even know of that store Anyway, now you'll need some nice gear to wear over that... try here: http://www.miwo-military.net/
  12. I have four of these racks, but nothing to put on them. Most of my old stuff is at my parents' place back in Poland. I'm hoping to put a scoped M14 up there some day. And a better quality Armalite.
  13. Okay... I'm not presenting a painted gun here. Instead, I'd like to ask you guys for opinion. To paint, or not to paint? The gun in question is this: Real-life examples of painted specimen: The pattern would be similar to this: but greener and with far less tan base remaining... It would go like this: Krylon colors, tan as base, few green patches, grass over it, then mostly green, a bit less brown and perhaps black divisions to increase contrast between colors (these would go where the base color, and thus grass shapes, was green rather than tan). So now the
  14. What happened to it? Some pics of my wz.96... the pics in the last row (posing with this rifle) are in very high resolution... hence the thumbnails.
  15. Can't let this thread die! How about some very high resolution pics? I hope there are some people out there who are interested enough in polish gear to appreciate the quality
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