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  1. RSP1

    Artistic Airsoft

    Blender. I'm still well under my self-imposed polygon limit for this project though so most of the really visible problems are actually just surfaces yet to be modeled (the hinge, for example). This was just a quickie render with no normals and no glow/spec.
  2. RSP1

    Artistic Airsoft

    A couple shots of a low poly (1251 faces) G36K I modeled this afternoon. It still needs work, but it's presentable for now.
  3. RSP1

    Maruzen APS-3

    Thanks for your comment Sale. To get a better view of the grouping, I fired a 6-shot group into foam at the same 20 foot range. It's easier to see where each BB struck the target this way, vs. with paper.
  4. RSP1

    Maruzen APS-3

    Your APS-3 is now, for the most part, detail-stripped. The cylinder can also be disassembled and removed from the lower receiver, but this is fairly time consuming as the allen screws that hold it to the receiver are recessed into the sides of the gun and so can only be turned about 1/2 turn at a time. I would not recommend doing this unless you have an upgraded piston to install (there are none available at the time of this writing) or need to fix a compression issue. Reassembly is disassembly in reverse. If you have trouble with the trigger unit, here is a top-down view of what it
  5. RSP1

    Maruzen APS-3

    Now look at the left side of the gun. Tap out the pin that secures the loading lever, then remove the two brass flathead screws, being careful not to lose the small bushings on the opposite side. Finally, unscrew the black Phillips head screw from both sides (near the bottom of the frame by the back of the trigger guard. At this point you can remove the sideplates of the receiver and set them aside. There is no need to remove the spring from the right sideplate; you can just leave it there and leave the small bushings in their respective places in the left sideplate. Now,
  6. RSP1

    Maruzen APS-3

    The safety is a simple crossbolt type which is pressed in from the right to ready for firing. The gun cannot be cocked with the safety on, so I don't apply it at all unless I am not going to fire for a significant period of time. Finally, one very important feature for a target pistol: the adjustable rear sight. This sight is adjustable for windage and elevation by two knobs which click every quarter turn. Two indicators show how the sight is adjusted so it's easy to return it to its zero-adjustment position. This one shows the elevation - I've adjusted mine by a significant amou
  7. RSP1

    Maruzen APS-3

    The magazine is a small plastic assembly which mounts to the right side of the gun. Attaching it is a little like inserting an AK magazine backwards - it's first notched into place at the back of the gun, then clicks in at the front. The spring-loaded latch, however, is on the magazine rather than the frame of the gun, which gives the right side of the APS-3 a neater appearance when used as a single-shot pistol: Here's what the magazine looks like detached. The black, BB-shaped protrusion is actually the follower. The magazine features a catch like that on an AEG magazine to hold th
  8. RSP1

    Maruzen APS-3

    My only real complaints with this part are regarding the casting marks. There are two very visible circular marks on the right side from the casting process. I'd rather these marks than a large seam line, but they're still a little annoying: A spring-loaded catch extends from the front of the trigger guard (which also has a few casting marks) to interface with the lever, holding it in its normal position. It's not designed to lock in place, just give a positive indication that the lever is closed and offer some resistance to opening it: When the lever is pulled d
  9. RSP1

    Maruzen APS-3

    A large palm rest is present, and can be adjusted by loosening the two allen screws on the right side (the largest included wrench is the correct size) then sliding to change the height and angle. These screws thread to a metal bracket inside the grip: This rest has a light, pebbled texture on its surface which is comfortable. I would not want anything too abrasive on this: The shape of the grip can be seen most clearly from the back: Moving forward along the bottom of the gun, the next item of discussion is the trigger. This is very important for a target pist
  10. RSP1

    Maruzen APS-3

    From left to right, this pictures shows a 4.8mm wide front sight (interchangeable with the stock 4.5mm one), a package of BBs, and a set of four allen wrenches. The BB supply provided seems somewhat measly - mine included 52 BBs instead of the usual 100 or so expected with a new gun: There's also plenty of paper included - from the looks of it, two targets, two instructional sheets, one instruction booklet, and two warranty-related papers: I left those behind the foam and moved the accessories to the front. The pockets are sized well, and the smaller one is idea for littl
  11. When Maruzen released their APS-3 in 2007, the response from the U.S. and U.K. was minimal, and it's not surprising. At $250 in Hong Kong stores, the gun is expensive for a pistol, and fills a target competition niche that isn't to be found outside of Asia. As such, little has been heard about this unusual handgun on airsoft discussion forums. I had been mildly curious about the APS-3 when it began appearing in stores. The compressed air power method was interesting, and I wondered what sort of accuracy the pistol was really capable of. But I never seriously considered purchasing one unti
  12. That is VERY cool. Love the two tone and of course the slide/frame cuts.
  13. RSP is an absolute legend!

    A genuine credit to both himself and the airsoft community.

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