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  1. RSP1

    Artistic Airsoft

  2. RSP1

    Artistic Airsoft

    Blender. I'm still well under my self-imposed polygon limit for this project though so most of the really visible problems are actually just surfaces yet to be modeled (the hinge, for example). This was just a quickie render with no normals and no glow/spec.
  3. RSP1

    Artistic Airsoft

    A couple shots of a low poly (1251 faces) G36K I modeled this afternoon. It still needs work, but it's presentable for now.
  4. RSP1

    Silenced Guns Picture Thread

    Well then how about a KJW M700 non-takedown which you can imagine is a takedown model if you want? Small suppressor.
  5. RSP1

    Painted Weapons Picture Thread

    It is modified from the original stock. I filled in the hollow spaces and cut the shape I wanted. On the back of the grip where one's thumb goes, I layered epoxy on and pressed my hand into the stock as though gripping it normally so as to get a very close fit.
  6. RSP1

    Silenced Guns Picture Thread

    It's not a very large suppressor, but it is there:
  7. RSP1

    Glock Picture Thread

    Got a TM frame from Romulus (thanks man!) he wasn't using to modify. I don't think he wants this one back, either! - Grip shortened to roughly G19 length; matches full size frame length with magwell installed - Grip panels trimmed flush with sides of frame - Thumb "bulges" trimmed flush; depressions left in place - New "desert rose" style stippling on main grip surface. Stippling follows a Gen 2 style arrangement on the sides, extending up past the thumb depressions, and a full wrap-around on the rest of the grip at Gen 3 grip panel level - New, very light stippling pattern on bottom and front of trigger guard - Double undercut, different shape. Flows nicely with the Glock's lines, to me - Thinned and reduced finger grooves. I'd remove them altogether as on the G17 frame but they help control a bit on the compact lengths - Slightly reduced, smoothed area on right side for trigger finger - Stippled 'pads' on sides of frame ahead of locking block - Depression behind magazine catch on left side w/ same light stippling. This is a new mod for me and I like it a lot, has a similar effect to an extended mag button since it keeps your thumb from bottoming out on the side of the frame. Usually I have to shift my grip slightly forward to hit the front part of the mag catch where there's more room to press down; this eliminates any need for that.
  8. RSP1

    The Results Are In!

    It's strange how your luck has been with GBBs. First you had some issues with the Creation kit which most report no problems with, then you get the wrong frame for your 1911 which is very strange as well. As for the recoil guide rod when I installed a G&P kit [which was pretty poor overall] on a KWA G17 about a year ago, the recoil guide rod included got the slide sticking back all the time. The stock one didn't do that - turned out it was the little buffer piece on the stock guide rod that made the difference. Perhaps for your next Glock you should try a TM, simply for the sake of having one of each. Although the cycling can be picky on those so it might not be the best thing if the luck you've been having remains! Seems you've done fine at fixing these issues though.
  9. RSP1

    Glock Picture Thread

    They do not, although factory ones can be polished without removing the Tenifer coating [a bit silly though and goes dull]. The only silver ones I'm aware of for real Glocks are Caspian, Lone Wolf, and modified versions of the original Glock slides or of either of those two mentioned, such as the Shuey slides. [Or Shuey might make some of his own slides, not sure.]
  10. RSP1

    Glock Picture Thread

    Thanks Vicious! The thumbrest is built up with epoxy from two small pilot holes drilled in the frame, with a screw inside for reinforcement. The top, textured surface is actually cut from a Lego part 41753, which as you can see has two textured areas of different lengths. It fits into a groove cut into the frame for added support.
  11. RSP1

    Glock Picture Thread

    Thanks for the comments! The great thing about Glocks is the multitude of routes you can take. They're easily just as adaptable as 1911s/2011s.
  12. RSP1

    Glock Picture Thread

    Looks good Romulus. I've often considered chopping my frame down to G26 length mags, for the irony with G34 slide, but it'll have to wait until I stop being stingy and buy a Guarder frame.

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