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  1. Lets see some pics of what you guys are using in the field. My current one and some of my past and the helicopter
  2. I have 3 417's. A 20", a 12" with M230' and a 12" carbine.
  3. It's missing my pistols and a couple more 417's and MP5's
  4. Any one figure out how to remove the flash hider on the Umarex 417 yet?
  5. Hey guys, Over the last month I have had some major issues with both my M240 box mags. They seem to be jamming every couple a hundred rounds. They apear to be jamming down in the feeding mechanism. Only seems to happen when the box mag has over 1000 rounds in it. If I just put a couple hand fulls of ammo in it feed fine. When it james the little lever on top the wheel needs to pulled back or pushed forward to clear the jam. Most times it is jamed hard and I have to dump all the ammo out, then pull the lever back in the opposite way the feed system spins. This is because the feed wheel seems v
  6. Ok got the barrel of noe how do I get to the hop up? I have no movement of the rubber when I look down thr barrel well turning the wheel
  7. Ok what steps are you useing I have carry Handel in the op position and I holding the barrel release on the left side. I mean with my hop up when I spin the wheel left or right there is no change
  8. So I have run into 2 problems with my new M240. So it came today I go to test fire it well seems to be shooting great but has no hop up. No problem I will just take a look and remove the barrel. Ahh second problem the DANM BARREL WILL NOT COME OFF!!!! I watched the video and hit the barrel release and tried tapping it out. That failed to work so I try more pressure still nothing. I am at the point where I bent the carry handle a little and it will still not come out Lets just say for a $750 gun I am less then impressed!
  9. What are you using as a base? I have a King Arms L1A1 and I would like to put a wood set on. Just wondering how hard it was to do the stock?
  10. I have seen them for sale on gunbroker.com but you would have a hell of a time mounting it.
  11. now I need you to buy a L1A1 flash hider then add that to the front! Great I will be picking up one in the next couple weeks to make a GPMG and mount her to my land rover.
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