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  1. I love this Type 56-2 krylon'ed the front and rear grips the night before a game. New paint plus bug spray on your hands = crappy paint job
  2. Finally got my hands on a Real Sword! Now where can I find some cheap wood furniture for it?
  3. What other optics mounting options are there for Real Sword's other than an Ultimak rail? (Im not a big fan of those)
  4. Anyone know where I can find the Bulle MLE rig in stock? flecktarn.co.uk has been out of stock for months now...
  5. It says on the front page of his site he will try to accomidate your request for a custom pair of goggles. I own a pair of Wiley X SG1's that I had to special request before he offered them on his site normally, just send Bitter End an email and he will do his best to help you I'm sure
  6. Does anyone see a reason the M4 cannot be rewired to the front or to take a different battery pack? I would assume its possible, just wanted to double check with you current owners
  7. According to the AirsoftBuddy website the AFC version is listed at 330-350 FPS Linky Does anyone know if they are selling a power "downgrade" valve assembly to lower the FPS of the older versions?
  8. We love our snow games here in the Midwest. Here are a few from over the years And our Winter VIP Enjoy!
  9. Anyone else have trouble with the stock hop up slider moving on them during a skirmish? I am considering replacing my hop up since mine may be done for, any recommendations on an AK hop up?
  10. River Rats at Irene VI Going Up Ambush from above Rats with the Col.
  11. Haslinger, is your blowback still enabled? if so are you using an 8.4 or 9.6v battery? I had my gearbox lock up constantly on an 8.4v battery and even on a 9.6 when the charge was low, you may have the same issues as for the mags I have had no feed issues on full auto, but several team mates have had bad run ins with King Arms mags in the past
  12. I have this one I had to file the top a bit, I do not know about the one you posted though
  13. torN, If the JG AK mags are the same as the ones sold at Ebaybanned then you will have to do some filing/grinding to get them to fit, atleast I had to on mine. Not a lot but just a bit on each side of the mag so it can fit in nicely
  14. I have a custom set of Wiley X SG1's with Bitter End mesh in them for a few months now, fantastic craftsmanship, the lenses are secure and aren't coming out unless I rip the things apart. As it says on their website they do custom orders (like my SG1's) just shoot them an email and they will let you know the details, A+ customer service and A+ craftsmanship EDIT: USCM, Have these been allowed to be used in Lion Claws events officially?
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