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  2. p.briden

    Shotgun Picture Thread

    I figured it might have been for an external CO2 rig? Edit: Folding Stock guide is up, such as it is: linky
  3. p.briden

    Shotgun Picture Thread

    Yeah that little hole was on there when I got it but it was clearly drilled by a previous owner and I'm sure it didn't come like that new. Also I've started working on a "How to" for the folding stock but there's gonna be some gaps in it due to that mystery part .
  4. p.briden

    Shotgun Picture Thread

    Thanks guys . To be honest I'm not 100% sure what brand the hunting stock is as I bought it second hand but I believe its made for the Maruzen gas 870's as it had a compartment which I think was intended for a gas tank. Something like this: Linky (though mine is the plastic 'synthetic' style one and not wood of course) I suspect other brands would work but any 870 stock is gonna take some extensive tweaking to get onto the Benelli receiver. I have access to a Dremel with alot of different heads and used that for most of the work, which was simply a case of trial and error. I basically set about grinding away the material inside the stock to allow room for where it meets the receiver, trial-fitted it and then carried on removing more material until I got a good fit. Its possible you could do this with hand files but the Dremel is going to be much easier. Its not a perfect mod though, taking away the material weakens the plastic (or wood), it was fine at first but as I mentioned it now has some fairly visible cracking which looks a bit naff. If/when I do it again I have a couple ideas to approach it differently but no clue if they'll actually work. FWIW if you manage to grind an 870 stock enough to get it seated you can attach it to the shotgun with an original TM (or DE) full stock bolt which is 33cm long (you can buy them from UNcompany). The Marui receiver is threaded for bolts of M5 designation which determines both the diameter of the bolt (5mm) and the thread type so any 33cm long M5 bolt should do the trick but I'll say right now you use a non-standard bolt at your own risk (yes that was a disclaimer and me waiving responsibility ). The whole thing would have been alot easier if I had been prepared to permanently attatch the stock to the gun but I really didn't want to do that. Its still useable though which is the main thing. I am, however, far more pleased with how the top-folder turned out (which is odd considering how ecstatic I was when I got the sport stock working). Edit: @rhino: I had planned on doing a guide but I have one stumbling block and that is I used a really random part I found in the garage as a stopper to prevent the stock from dropping when extended. I have no idea where it came from or what it is. I'm trying to establish what it might be so I can write it into the guide.
  5. p.briden

    Shotgun Picture Thread

    Latest mod for my Benelli M3 shorty boomstick (Tokyo Marui). ATI synthetic folding stock attatched to a modded M3 pistol grip. Needs a bit of minor finishing (need to cut the protruding end off the bolt which holds the stock arm to the grip) but I'm pleased with the result. Still haven't touched the base gun in any way and still have the original vanilla grip untouched if I want to use it. Also still have the modded Remington 870 Sport stock which still works but has developed some unsightly cracks and chips (I may have to get a new one and mod it again at some point). Fixed a RIS rail to the pump (with longer bolts - no epoxy or glue involved) for vert foregrips. Also waiting on an 870 Heatshield which I believe is in the post. At some point I want to get a DE M4 trishot and chop it quite short (approx 9" barrel/shelltube) as a sister-gun to this one - sharing the same carry case, stock mod options and accessories. Edit: Oh and in case anyone forgot my sport stock from the old thread...
  6. p.briden

    1911 Picture Thread

    Really nice 1911 Wutang, good job . Are the wood grips actually that red-coloured in real life or is that just the photo?
  7. p.briden

    Shotgun Picture Thread

    der-Loki I have questions about your M3: Does any part of the modification permanantly alter the M3 in some way? (ie: to get that stock/RIS on there did you have to chop, grind or drill the base gun at all or use glue/putty to permanantly fix it in place?) Does the stock setup incorporate the M16/M4 stock tube in such a way you could use other styles of M4 stock if desired? Can the M16/M4 pistol grip be swapped out with other types of M4 pistol grip if desired? Could this setup also be attached to a DE Benelli M4? Can you make me one and how much would it cost?
  8. p.briden

    Shotgun Picture Thread

    Ledpocket already did. Check the Tech forum.
  9. p.briden

    Shotgun Picture Thread

    there was a pic in the old shotgun thread where a guy had put that folding stock on a TM M3 Shorty by attaching it to the standard TM pistol grip through the hole where the rear sling loop goes. I PM'd him and asked him how he did it but never got a reply, I don't think he's a very active member , at least not any more. At some point I plan on buying one and giving it a go.
  10. p.briden

    Glock Picture Thread

    sorry to be a nuisance guys but if anyone has a Glock 18 or similar sized variant with a scope mount and some form of Eotech Holosight in their collection could you please post pics of the latter attatched to the former? I really need to see what this looks like. Also does anyone know if the TDI Glock Stock will fit a Glock 18 AEP? I'm referring to this:
  11. p.briden

    Glock Picture Thread

    pic request; Glock 18c with rail and Eotech 552. I just want to get an idea of what that looks like, I have a feeling it may look too bulky. cheers.
  12. p.briden

    Shotgun Picture Thread

    evidently we have very similar tastes in shotguns as that was something I was planning on doing (although a slightly different choke design) + the heatsheild and our mutual appreciation of 'rifle' stocks here's the one I was interested in, only difference from yours seems to be no spiky 'glass breaker' edge; I believe its made by TDI
  13. p.briden

    Shotgun Picture Thread

    awesome choke dannyboy is that custom made? How is it held on?
  14. p.briden

    Glock Picture Thread

    I have a couple of quick questions about the TM Glock 18c AEP. I'm getting one for Christmas and I wanted to mimic the accessories that the character Gregor puts on his Glock 17L in the movie Ronin. I've found a RIS rail that looks as close as I can get but I'm not sure if it will fit on the AEP model: http://www.wolfarmouries.co.uk/airsoft/bb/...t&id=HG1705 Does anyone know if this rail will fit the TM AEP? Also I would want to put a suppressor on the gun but the only way of getting a threaded outer barrel I have found is the TM top rail with integrated threaded barrel extension. Naturally I don't want this as I'm going for the look of the rail I posted above so does anyone know of a stand-alone threaded outer barrel or some kind of adaptor for the TM AEP? If there isn't I was thinking of paying someone to fabricate a metal outer barrel with threads to replace the stock plastic one, but only if I can't find one anywhere else.
  15. p.briden

    Shotgun Picture Thread

    well there is the slight crack on the join that I mentioned in that other thread I made a while back, where I believe I overtightened the screw a bit, I expected the crack to get larger over time but it hasn't so far so I'm ok with it at the moment. I'm going to try buying one of the cheap chinese 870 clones for £20 from airsoftscotland.com, specifically the one with the sawn-off pistol grip, and try fitting that, if it goes ok I can then at least use one of the full stock versions as a replacement when/if the stock I currently have becomes unusable and I'll have the bonus of a working 'gangsta' sawn-off grip (hopefully). As an aside looking at where the stock has cracked if it did crack further at that point I don't think it would affect the way the stock is held to the gun, it would still function but it could get quite fugly if the crack just got out of hand. the shell holders are from Wolf Armouries: green; http://www.wolfarmouries.co.uk/airsoft/bb/...amp;id=SHSHODTT black;http://www.wolfarmouries.co.uk/airsoft/bb/...amp;id=SHSHBKTT tan; http://www.wolfarmouries.co.uk/airsoft/bb/...amp;id=SHSHTATT

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