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  1. Wow didnt even notice that, I dont know much about 1911's, but looks close enough to me
  2. You sure? Looks pretty similar to me, http://photos.imageevent.com/smglee/ss09/w...ze/DSCN1798.jpg http://photos.imageevent.com/smglee/ss09/w...ze/DSCN1799.jpg
  3. Did you leave the CTR stock off on purpose? i think it would look really nice if you added that on. but still looks good nonetheless
  4. Dang it, you caught me i was just going through my old pictures in photobucket and wanted to share it again
  5. Thanks for the quick reply, yea ill look into this camera. im going to head to my local photo store and see if they have that camera, thanks again
  6. Could you guys help out a beginner photographer here? im taking a beginning photo class and need a 35mm SLR camera. i found a good price on ebay for a Nikon N75, is that a good camera? would anyone recommend better?
  7. Ya i was about to say, instead of the DD you should just find a replica LT rail. here try this: http://www.wgcshop.com/pcart/shopper.php?i...RIS%20and%20RAS and i think on boomarms, they have the trademarked version.
  8. Its not a LT rail, its daniel defense. http://www.danieldefense.com/?page=shop/de...;product_id=112 @ BloodyBiscuit, sorry but i dont think there are any replica rails for that DD model. find your own and make it similar to that setup, i believe its 9.0 inch
  9. Here i found two AK to AR stock adapters: http://www.wgcshop.com/pcart/shopper.php?i...13BK_cat_Stocks http://www.wgcshop.com/pcart/shopper.php?i...AK03_cat_Stocks as for the flash hider.. im not ak expert but.. i dont think you can? im not sure hopefully someone else can tell you that
  10. You sure? i thought so too when i looked again, but ya you can see in the picture that the rail goes almost to the receiver under the rear sight block. if you look at the UTG picture, the one where its installed on the AK, you can see the lower hand guard rail goes all the way to the rear sight block as well. and if you look really closely, it almost looks like the vents on the upper hand guard are the same as the ones on the UTG.
  11. that picture is from the movie the hurt locker, i watched it last night and its for sure not an ultimak. i think its something along the lines of this: http://www.aimsurplus.com/acatalog/UTG_Qua...ard_System.html
  12. Nice CQBR, were you making this gun? looks spot on!
  13. Im really liking windows 7. ive been using it since the beta build 7000 and i have to say, its like windows xp but with the vista facelift. the build string is up to like..7229 right now but im too lazy to download it since newer ones just keep coming out i really love the way the task bar is especially. youll find that 7 is a lot like vista visually, just with far better performance and functionality. very user friendly too, i suggest you try out windows 7 im not sure about the running useless things, but performance wise this os is far better than vista.
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