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  1. not to hijack the thread, but with such a tiny piston I wonder what the max barrel length would be on the 18c. as for the sig: the review makes it sound great. I think Ill be waiting for the equal-price KJ metal version, though.
  2. Ive no doubt the sites are photoluminescent, but tritium sites would cost quite a bit. (I would know, as they sit atop my real steel sig .40)
  3. just goes to show you that the KJW manufacturing is hit-or-miss and may require a little hands-on tweaking to perfect out of the box. overall I would still say theyre an excellent value. I was shooting my KJ23 and KJ27 and comparing it to my SOCOM (which has a prometheus tightbore) and I expected (as would many here) that the SOCOM would have significantly greater range. Of course, if that was the case there would be no reason to note it. Much to my surprise, my KJ23 had the SAME range, and (here's the weird part) the KJ27, although the smallest, had the GREATEST range of all th
  4. do the bb's hit the tree? in the close up part of the video it doesnt look like they bounce off, more like they continue towards it while falling. is it just the video?
  5. speaking of shotgun reviews, is the CA870 review ever going to come back online? or would you like to mail me one so's I can write you a new review.
  6. lol, you *wish* I was talking about you. here's a quarter, go buy a hint.
  7. yep. until you get negative rep from someone for posting simple facts beneficial to the other readers of the post....
  8. but I was thinking....there are so many "this" vs "that" gun threads, and what am bestest gun threads, would it help to have a section of the forum devoted strictly to "gun comparison" or "new gun shopping"? I know you cant keep sectioning the forum forever, and yes, there are stickies to help people with this stuff, yet it still comes up OVER and OVER and this was the only thing I could come up with as far as a way to both help the people get the advice they need while also not bombarding the general discussion with gun comparison threads....
  9. there's always one. maybe he doesnt want antagon to be right for personal reasons. the sad fact of the matter is that the condition wouldnt be called "disabled" if it gave you the ability to do more, heh.
  10. I think maybe the overload of "what am best gunzor" threads may have given the thread permanent retardations of some sort.
  11. hehe, here's a super quick removal of the distracting bag using MS paint! I think maybe since the attention is on the big gun in the foreground, if you hadnt seen the other one previously you MIGHT not notice if you didnt look too hard. (MS paint being hardly the greatest tool to work with to these ends.)
  12. nothing wrong with that. If you didnt express it, nobody would know it existed.
  13. everyone here is here because they like to spend money on their "addiction" to airsoft, to whatever extent the bug bites them. I dont think anyone logs onto this site to peruse who is most deserving for a two-pound donation. (not to use you as an example, but you volunteered) or to look for strangers on the internet to give their money to. Its just lame.
  14. Why dis the ksc mac11? Ive put close to 10k bb's through mine and never had so much of a hiccup....
  15. not only is it the same size, its the exact same SHAPE as his head. How weird.
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