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  1. Hi, Lots to sell. Open to offers on purchasing the Warrior maritime CIRAS + molle pouches or the Black Hawk Down themed gear as packages. Can collect from either Cambridge or Sutton Coldfield, or else happy to post if buyer covers cost. Cheers! Item Condition Cost (GBP) Sold 4 x magpul 5.56, OD As new 10 (for 4) Warrior double 5.56 pouch tan Very good 5 Warrior canteen pouch tan Very good 5 Warrior admin panel tan Very good 5 Chinese admin panel coyote brown Very good 3 Emdom admin pouch multicam As new 20 Warrior molle belt tan Good 15 Blackhawk mole belt multicam Very good 25 NYFD Excellent 5 Alice canteen pouch x2 Excellent 2.5 each Alice canteen pouch large Excellent 5 Alice butt back Excellent 10 Alice pistol pouch Good, some dirt on flap 7 Alice medical pouch Good 6 Alice radio pouch Excellent 2.5 Alice belt Excellent 5 Replica olive drab flight gloves Fair 5 Knee pads Fair 5 Skate helmet and goggles Well used Free with when purchase other Black Hawk Down inspired gear Warrior 5.56 triple pouch Good 5 each ACU medium regular top Good 5 Replica tan flight gloves Good 5 OD shemagh Good 5 Multicam boonie hat Excellent 5 ACU bonnie hat Excellent 5 Woodland BDU patrol hat Fair 2 Woodland BDU hydration pack Good 5 Medium regular woodland BDU pants Fair 3 Medium regular ACU pants Fair 3 Medium regular US tricolour pants Well used 3 HSGI leg rig with double ammo pouch (hold 6x 5.56 or 4x 7.62) Good 50 Warrior radio pouch tan Good 5 Warrior dump pouch Fair 5 British olive wool jersey Good 5 Replica bayonet (hard plastic) Good 5 Aimpoint tan rubber cover Good 3 2 point bungee sling tan Fair 5 Replica LBH helmet black Fair, needs new foam lining 5 2x G&P 40mm grenades Good 10 each Alice ammo + grenade pouch Good 5 each Alice belt + harness Good 10 Black chest rig Good 10 PT armour vest (black with flag) Dirty but otherwise good 10 DPM ammo vest Well used 10 Warrior maritime CIRAS style vest Good 50 Warrior double 40mm pouch Good 5 Warrior roll up dump pouch Good 5 Warrior 4x 5.56 pouch Good 5 each Warrior flare pouch Good 5 Warrior zipped admin panel Good 7 Generic scope 2-9x zoom with low mount Good function. Krylon paint 10 G&P M4 handle Excellent 5 G&P M4 handguard Excellent 7 M4 handle scope mount Good 5 QR bipod mount Good 3 Chinese grip pod replica Good 3 Chinese rail covers x3 Good 3 each Flip up sights Good 5 Rail riser Good 3 G&P railed scope mount Good function. Krylon paint 5 US army patches Good 2 each “Jihad this” patch Good 4 “caution stay 100m back” patch Good 4 “Dirka dirkastan” patch Good 4 Flag patches Good 2 each
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