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    think thyco means the mini dot
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    Artistic Airsoft

    Thanks chaplain, probably easier for me just to post how it was done : First step was to cut around an image of myself and paste it onto the sandbox background. This was done as separate layers therefore allowing me to make additional cuts on the foreground image (e.g. in the trigger guard). Then it was a case of merging the layers and using the dodge and burn tools to highlight specific areas, and give the illusion of a light source from the top left (lens flare added at the end helped here too). Next, I played with the colour levels, boosted contrast, brightness etc until I had it how i wanted. Hope that helps Razor
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    Artistic Airsoft

    Thanks Pkekyo Will send a PM Cheers, razor
  11. razor_sharp

    Artistic Airsoft

    The boredom of a long journey relieved through photoshop! B&W makes anything artistic Cheers, razor

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