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  1. I hate the look of the PBS4. Also, the PBS1 isn't just for the 7.62 round. It's also used on the Bizon, which is 9mm. As for the RIS, I'm not ###### broke so I'd rather not use tape at an OP where I'll be stacking up on walls all night long. Not to mention the torch is a Jetbeam RRT1 which has a big reflector. Tape alone wouldn't cut it.
  2. DaytonaGun: How it arrived: Addition of a PBS1 suppressor: With RIS: I've never been for AK's with rails. If it wasn't for Op Pine Plains and needing a torch for 8~ hours, I doubt I would have gone this far with it.
  3. It's not everything I own, just the guns I have here. There's about another 12 or so guns missing making the total about 52~. Most of you know I hate AEGs.. Everything pictured is gas powered.
  4. Asahi L2a3 Sterling: Managed to collect 17 mags for it over the years...
  5. WA 6" magna Xcelerator. The one on the left is the same but a hybrid.
  6. 2011s&1911s: WA-WA-TM-TM-TM-WA-WA-WA
  7. TM 4.3 | WA 6" Magna | TM 5.1 | WA 6" Magna | TM 5.1
  8. "Super Custom Bushmaster":
  9. Kokusai m4 with ICS SIR:
  10. Agreed. Having an SPR RIS on it would be a nice option as well.. Unfortunately, I don't have those parts nor want the project! Maybe I'll throw the m203 heatshield on next..
  11. Asahi m16 w/ LRB G&P m203 AEG RAS Bell & Carlson Real Steel Thumbhole Stock Freaky right? It would look better with a few other parts but I'm working with what I have here..
  12. I checked out your Photobucket page which shows detailed specs. I'm pretty nosy when it comes to airsoft and photography combined. I believe photoshop omits those specs but sometimes I use CaptureNX(made by Nikon) and the photo's details are retained.
  13. Glass table and a white sheetrock wall. The paint is far from new... Course it took some editing but I did about 10 finalized pictures in 30 minutes. Your pictures are damn good for just that little Samsung! I'm afraid of what you could do with a DSLR...
  14. WatZ

    $1K club.

    I'm curious why you used a fixed carry handled AEG when all the old SP's were that way.. It would have been cheaper to just buy a SP and have some upgrades put in it.. Plus these are closer to the dimensions of real ARs. SP/DG XM177 Mut: Parts/Upgrades: SP m203 G&P ACOG CA RIS Real Steel Hogue grip Real Steel Buffertube Real Steel Stock Steel 1 piece airswitch w/ 3rd o-ring mod. Steel Bolt Steel Airshaft Steel Buffer screw Steel Flapper
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