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  1. Makes sense - I thought the pouches on the front were too far around the sides to be a regular BHI PC.
  2. Yeah I think you're right - the excess drag handle straps seem to be much wider on the BHI PC and that seems to match with the picture too.
  3. I'm not 100% sure but I think it might be an Eagle PC without the cummerbund. It's pretty hard to tell from the picture above, but from this one (same guy, if the captions are correct) it certainly looks like an EPC from the back:
  4. Sweet, it's been ages since that thread on MP had some good updates
  5. Hey Skyflash, do you keep an online archive of your photos? Your earlier CAG pictures in particular were excellent but they're not visible any more. Anyway, here are my packs: Camelbak BFM in OD. Holds all my gear including my MICH.. except for my repro PACA because I can't bring myself to fold it to get it in! Blackhawk Slimline Load Bearing Pack. Now I just need an Omega medic vest to attach it to.. Thinkpad Backpack. Standard IBM issue, don't ya know!
  6. I'm not sure about the aimpoint mount because I'm useless at identifying those, but everything else sounds spot on.
  7. Ah.. so that's what my AEP is supposed to look like!
  8. Yeah, like I said before, it seems as though OD gear over DCU or tan flightsuits is most common during training ops and older pictures (just to put a number on it, lets say 2000 .. 2002). OD over woodland is, I dare say, more common but even then it tends to be CB or Khaki over woodland. But honestly, an OD RRV is going to cover up most of the tan PACA anyway and I'm sure it's going to look pretty awesome. I figure.. if you can't replicate a load out exactly, there's nothing wrong with doing the next best thing and replicating it in spirit.. as long as you make it look good As for the BH
  9. I guess that goes to show that most of the PJ pictures that can be found on MilitaryPhotos or even on the Pararescue.com site are lagging behind a bit - but this is actually good news for me. Now I don't have to replace the stock on my M4
  10. It will probably look okay over US Woodland, but not so much over DCU. It's only in the older photos (and also, training ops) where you tend to see PJs wearing green gear over DCU so my advice would be to bite the bullet and get an RRV in CB. Looks fine over Woodland, DCU and UCP Also, I finally got my own harness today (thought I'd try the BHI Tactical Rappelling Harness since I found one for a good price on eBay). My first pass is almost complete!
  11. Welcome to the party! Most of your questions are probably answered here. Some things I didn't mention in that post are that you can find some good PJ-inspired airsoft loadouts on the SNAFU forums, and as for the protecs.. I think I've seen both the regular and full cut in use but I'll check for references. Edit: Oh and contrary to what I said in my other forum post, you hardly ever see PJs with crane stocks. Mostly it's just the standard or LE style ones.
  12. ..and now for something a bit different. No fancy grips or metal body kits here (much as I'd like them).. just the Double Eagle AEP, an Insight M3 and a Safariland holster. My only wish is that there was a lanyard loop on this thing.
  13. Hey for a loadout sponsored by BULLE, that's pretty cool! Definitely looks better with the MICH, and I'd probably remove those giant tags off the admin panel and the cocoon pouch! The blast belt looks a bit strange under the groin panel though
  14. *lol* It looks cool.. and let's face it, that's all that really matters
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