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  • Birthday 11/18/1993

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  • Airsofter since
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    Tokyo Marui first batch Type 89, received on July 18th 2006
    KSC USP with Prime Metal Slide And Barrel (not installed yet)
    TM 1911A1 with PGC DX metal kit (not installed yet)
    3 Xbox 360 Premiums
    1 Xbox 360 Elite
    1 Nintendo Wii
    1 PS3 (60 gig)

    Want: Inokatsu M4, I guess I will see when that comes out
    More Want: Paraclete RAV, whenever I find out what REAL armor goes with it (will buy with armor, not seperate)
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    Don't spill your beer!!!
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    United States

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    A little bit east of Indianapolis
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    Guns, computers, guns, airsofts, my several X360z, and finally guns!
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