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  1. Stinky

    AK & Variants Picture Thread

    I believe that barrel extension/expansion (does not appear it would hide flash or redirect gases) is most likely 6061 or 7075 Aluminum tubing. I am guessing it is to keep muzzle gas compressed for the gas tube port in the sight block to have enough pressure. I think the gas port too close to the barrel end lowers the pressure in the gas tube a bit and lowers the cycle time, not sure though dont shoot real AK's. To noisy and dangerous. I have some scraps, .875"/22.25mm tubing. The narrow tubing in the image is actually a TM AK outer barrel section for comparison. The .875" tubing is readily available from many sources, some free! Try a bike shop, ask for the cut off scraps from handlebar cut downs... Scrap sections of aluminum seat posts (larger diameter, 1" as I recall) are very nice free machinable material as well. I suggest leaving the airsoft gun out of the explanation for why you want the material, just say to try and make stuff with it. You sort of owe me for this, one of my secrets to free high quality materials. Your welcome.
  2. Stinky

    AK & Variants Picture Thread

    Excellent photo technically. Nice composition and flow of the elements, the underlying geometry of it all. However... Looks like its straight from a Chinese armory not Afghanistan, get a red star commie cap and black pajamas for that thing or let the dog have it as a chew toy for a bit then use the Pashtun gear. Also, the bayonet really doesn't fit with ghani theme, that would have been used for planting crops or cleaning the donkeys hove's if the wife hasn't already claimed it for the kitchen. If the guy actually had it, he would wear it on his belt. That gun goes with this kit: hehehe, JK. Kinda... I dare you, go for the popeye meets Michael Jackson look.
  3. Stinky


  4. Stinky

    AK & Variants Picture Thread

    Crazy people always think their opinion is the only rational one... Just saying.
  5. Stinky

    AK & Variants Picture Thread

    Stating opinion as both a fact, and as the opinion of everyone else on the planet, convinces me only of your insanity.
  6. Stinky

    AK & Variants Picture Thread

    I suppose that is some of the point, and its a good one. So many are wood steal and dirt. But to carry it like that you cant then have any real camo besides maybe some olive drap Pakistani conscript outfit nor any equipment besides maybe a chicom chest rig or 70's middle eastern wars style rig. The guy carrying the beat down wood AK isn't the guy I want to sim in airsoft unless its the VC or NVA, someone not currently *fruitcage* up the world. I have no grip against Russians though so I will sim them, and they use modern gear now.
  7. Stinky

    AK & Variants Picture Thread

  8. Stinky

    AK & Variants Picture Thread

    I am sure you can modify the motor cage and the type of motor to do this, I am not sure its worth the time and effort. The motor cage must be modified, but is more likely easier to remake to new specifications to hold a thinner motor in the proper place. This is drive train modification you would need to do it in 3d or CAD and have it CNC machined, or have it 3d printed and then make a casting of it. Manual machining a new motor cage would be a pain in the behind.
  9. Stinky

    AK & Variants Picture Thread

    Those two upgrade parts should fit together. Both are specified to replace Tolyo Marui stock AK parts. The thing is the fore grip is included in the 104 front end, and both together cost more then a full AEG. You could buy a tactical AK of some with the same look for the amount of both those parts. You could get the Beta Project Magpul AK for near that amount or any number of nice complete AK type AEG. I personally think the time of the AK purist has passed, since the Russian military is upgrading and modernizing as well as individual Russian soldiers kitting out their personal weapons just like US soldiers. They go online and shop for advantages just like soldiers of most western nations. There are many pictures from the Caucasus and Chechnya showing very interesting modernized AK's in combat. The 9x39 round VSS, VAL, and SR3M Vikhr are being used in ever increasing numbers, or at least showing up in a lot more journalists images and screen captures from news clips. I think part of the AK purist movement is actually the AK hatters club as well. They like to think of the AK as a 'communist' gun and are opposed to seeing it modernized for reasons of nationalistic pride more then any supposed mil sim accuracy. Notice how making one look like its beatdown is considered OK, but make one look like a modern soldiers well taken care of primary weapon and everyone screams and cries. I think 90% of this crowd just transfers the now confusing and antiquated feelings of fear of communism onto this poor gun, and want to see it in peasants clothing. I suspect most of the so called 'purists' really want the common depiction of the Russian soldier to stay firmly rooted in the 1950's to feel superior. Whatever I don't care, I am modern in my ways of thinking and so is my AK. This is a modern Russian soldiers real AK. Russian Soldier showing of some new kit. Nice gear Dudesky. Modern Russian submachine gun. (Karden sorry your image domain is blocked here could not link had to borrow the images, pls dnt shotz mez) Viewing the AK as a communist or terrorist weapon that must look a certain way to placate fragile emotions, is weak, and fragile, whatever thats not me.
  10. Stinky

    AK & Variants Picture Thread

    This is about as weird an AK variant as I could find... Yeah, "WTF?" has a new picture for the dictionary. But it's real. Makes my little contraption seems rather modest in comparison. Had to go with the Black and Tan.
  11. Stinky

    Masada SPR 60% 2

    *wipes drool off desk and looks up at clock to see how long he was staring...*
  12. Stinky

    AK & Variants Picture Thread

    Well if you don't want a normal AK... This one is alien, it feel through a time warp to Tunguska, got a heap of gamma rays when David Banner owned it, and now it keeps mutating into something new. Its an... ummm, a variant! Yeah, that's the ticket...
  13. Stinky

    AK & Variants Picture Thread

    That is awesomesauce!
  14. Stinky

    AK & Variants Picture Thread

    I don't think it will hurt the ability to epoxy it open to use it until it breaks, you can use the surface area of the other broken tab and the pin as contact surfaces to epoxy making the bond stronger then just filling one and the gap in the middle. No promises but that is what I suspect will happen. Clean and lightly sand the areas when you do glue it.

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