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  1. I don't think the 'fins' are there to stabilise the belt. I'm fairly sure they're there to push the mag out from the body when mounted on a vest.
  2. Nope just a 14.5" M4 barrel. Sadly the barrel isn't ally. As someone else has worked out its a PTW and it weighs an absolute tonne. Good o' AFG - Nah not my bag. Might look cool but I don't like the feel of them at all. It's this one: http://rsov.com/index.php?target=products&product_id=5510 Quality wise.. it's okay. In reality it feels like a 1.1/1.2x scope which outside in big ranges doesn't make any difference but it's enough inside to prevent any co-witness aimpoint style action. The dot it quite dim too. The brightness can be 'turned up to 11' but even then
  3. Woo! New gun! Still needs a few bits.. VFG, Sling + somewhere to attach it but on the whole I'm pretty happy.
  4. Kipper

    USP Picture Thread

    Upgrade wise for adding a Shooters slide to a Compact, is it just hammer and recoil spring? Cheers, Kip.
  5. Sadly the ( R ) in the name means it's restricted shipping and they won't send it over.
  6. and the law won.

  7. Trust me... You can. The '+' is added to narrow down the searches. Searching for this: Gave me this result: Do what it says and WHAMMY!
  8. No you can't. Had the flash hider drilled out to 16mm and dropped in boiling water. Then made up a 16mm jacket and put a 14mm positive thread in and dropped the jacket inside the flash hider and let it go cool and tight on the jacket. Job done and you can't see it for that little silver ring on the barrel anyway.
  9. Clicking the name of the topic takes you to the post.
  10. Ah pants. Ordered a negative flash hider. Ah well. Trip to the engineers it is
  11. Picked up one of these a few week ago. Must agree with previous opinions really, great rifle with a 50/50 hop. Gonna keep the hop unit stock for now and try a guarder clear + promy soft with a big out H nub and see what results I get. FPS was 347 for reference. Anyway does anyone know which way this barrel is threaded? Read two different things on different websites. Is it -ve or +ve.
  12. If I do it the manual way (through advanced search) it works fine : /
  13. If I go on a user profile and click 'Find Topics' it will only list their topics as far back as about mid-April 2009 whereas the posts themselves clearly go back much further. I can't see an option to extend the search further into the past or am I just being daft?
  14. The one disadvantage I found with this when I fiddled with one is that initial spark of the ignition cap: Much like the fizz of fused pyro bought at a site, your opponents can hear it coming and have chance to get into cover which is of course (for me) the big advantage to a BFG.
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