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  1. Hi all, Just a quick post as I’m having a clear out.. I’ve found a non-working TM Spetznaz (with some bodywork missing) and an M14 stock and upper barrel assembly (believe Cyma but can’t be sure) which I need to get rid of. The Spetznaz just needs a little gearbox work and would be back up and running (believe it stripped a gear or a piston). Gun bag not included. Spetznaz - £10 donation to the forum. M14 bits - free. Collection from South East London only, haven’t got the time to post things at the moment. Chris
  2. Mega thanks for the article on lubing gas shells. I was wondering why they kept going off when I filled them! +100!

  3. I wasn't aware that any of the clone companies have mosfets in them but fair enough if thats what it is
  4. ... The Magazine: On first looks the 300 round hi cap magazine looks of similar quality and finish to the rest of the gun, and has one of the hex key winding mechanisms. But, and its quite a big but. It doesn't fit the gun without massive brute force (a good firm hit on the bottom to get it to lock), and even then once I felt it was placed in correctly it dropped out in the middle of a testing.. Wasn't happy. It did feed on the occasion the magazine stayed in the mag well, but I would highly recommend buying some different magazines as TM hi and lo, G&P mids, and ICS hi ca
  5. Hi all, Recently, a package arrived at my door containing a new gun which I am reviewing on behalf of Gunfire in Poland (www.gunfire.pl). The package was to contain a brand new M4-A1 clone which retails for the price of 195.83 Euros (around £177). As with every time any of us recieve a new gun, I tore open the box to find a brow plain cardboard box with some "Gunfire" advertising on it and lifted the lid... Initial Impressions: Upon opening the box I was greeted to a very nicely packed layout with all the usual bits of paper and targets: This foam-like padding is very ni
  6. My '82 Series III Standard 2.25p engine, soon to have a 200tdi from a disco. Overdrive and parabolic suspension.
  7. Well I need that whole assembly as the loading nozzle is borked too. Funnily enough, I didn't really see that much of a malfunction, it still shot fine, but just jammed occasionally. Not sure how it could have happened tbh, the gun is treated in the field and at home the same way a large thin pane of glass would be. Looks like it'll be an expensive fix New bolt, bolt carrier thingy majigy, bolt stop, and a new metal body...doh. I can't keep track of all the parts coming out for this, I think there is a prime bolt and a 2roy reinforced cylinder thing joined with an RA-Tech bolt stop
  8. Congrats mate! Good choice. Question to y'all, has this happened to any of you guys with your M4s? On the last picture, bottom left, is a spring which I found in the lower reciever.. Any ideas where that might have come from? Inside the bolt maybe? Also, best parts to replace them? New prime bolt and 2roy cylinder? Thanks in advance chaps Chrissy
  9. I need a new whole bolt including the loading part Its just cracked..bahh I always knew this gun would be expensive
  10. I got the Magpul PTS CTR stock on mine, and it fit on very easily. Didn't realise there were two different ones..
  11. Very nice TooTall Got my MIAD and PTS stock on the way too. Then all I need is some madbull bamboo rail covers and a shorty M203 and I'm done. Wierdly enough, speaking of gas consumption I got around 20 mags from a 700ml can of Abbey Ultra, and using that (and having been through 2 cans of it) there is no noticeable wear on the internals at all..
  12. Beautiful gun TooTall. Does the magpul stock fit on easy? On another note, I can get mags for around £45 -£50 from a source so if anyone is interested, I may be able to get some for people UK only though.
  13. Kyrian, I was right next to you in the 'Nam reenactors.. Was a really good few days staying over, did you see the technical on the friday night with the "Taliban" in it?
  14. Yeah got all that guys, cheers So it just needs a decent bit of force. Thanks all
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