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  1. El Cheapo Shottie by road_dancer, on Flickr Nice, looks like a good upgrade from my single shot clone.
  2. Tokyo Marui SPAS 12 by road_dancer, on Flickr Resurrected my old SPAS 12, and prepped it for a Post Apocalypse loadout
  3. Man... I wish we could get the Casyopea system in the UK... That is lovely!
  4. Looking good, needs a sight of some kind, yeh. Just a little work to do here and there, looking forward to seeing more!
  5. @sigma3 - Thanks, I know I'm biased, but there is something about it isn't there? @Faramon - Glad you've kept the racing stripe, looks really nice.
  6. Many thanks, I'm very happy with the results. There are a few tweaks here and there that I might change (Especially with the dummy charging handle), but the way that the P90 parts mesh so well to the FAMAS parts just works so well IMHO.
  7. Why are the event dates on a British Airsoft forum all in American month first format?

  8. Figure I may as well... FAMAS / P90 hybrid DMR FAMAS SV with G36c Rail - Suppressor fitted to look like an integral SD style fitting. AK Beta Spetz configured as an urban Counter Sniper - Now has a Harris style Bipod to swap out for the handgrip
  9. Here we go, finished at last! The L22A4 Advanced Marksman Rifle. (Or FAMAS / P90 Frankengun )
  10. Can only add to the praise for Fire-Support, great service dealing with a query, and amazingly fast shipping.
  11. On the one with the G36 Rail, it's still there, just cut down. I need to fit an actual handle to it, I was going to go with the HK theme and use an MP5 cocking handle mounted onto the existing cocking handle. But I seem to have lost it... On the DMR build, I need to cut a hole in the heat shield (from a 3/4 size Spas 12 springer *laughs*) and mount the charge handle through it. I was going to then mount the original handle at 90 degrees so that it comes out of the right side.
  12. Thanks for the comments! I agree that the standard handle looks... Poor. Inspired by both the FAMAS Felin, and Hardcoil's 'Omnicol XA-23' (sadly the site is down now, but I managed to find this on the wayback machine http://web.archive.org/web/20060117031050/http://www.hardcoil.net/airsoft/guns/xa23.html ) Yes, G36c Rail grafted on to the first, after sawing off the standard carry handle. Fitted with a few bits of metal and some body filler, and is rock solid. Also fitted the supressor can to give the impression of an integral supressor. The DMR version has the P90 lower grafted, inspi
  13. Are those designed for the F or SV front grips?
  14. Ooooo... A genuine, not bodged together from other parts, RIS for a FAMAS? Where in the hell did you find that?
  15. As my previous contribution to this thread is back on page one, and the link no longer works... Famas SD front quarter by road_dancer, on Flickr Famas01 by road_dancer, on Flickr Internally upgraded to about 320ish FPS, Stanag mag well conversion (only fits hicaps at the mo'), and with G36 top rail. My other FAMAS project is almost complete externally... Internally, it needs a gearbox, as the motor burnt out, and I need to decide on a tightbore. Custom FAMAS DMR WIP by road_dancer, on Flickr Custom FAMAS DMR WIP by road_dancer, on Flickr
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