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  1. They were the same in the past, nowadays the G36 flip-ups are actually a bit different to the MP7 sights. It's really hard to tell from pictures as they still nearly look the same, but the sight is different. Mainly to accommodate the sights to the different sight-line height and calibre of both guns.
  2. Any modifications needed to fit the G&P RAS to your PTW?
  3. Not correct, the scope pictured above is not rail-mounted, it's just clipped in place on the receiver as an exchange part for the rail. If you look close on my picture from the Steyr Homepage above, you will notice two holes in the scope base and the rail base. These are the mount-points for direct receiver-mount. Here's a picture: More info about the real A2: http://www.steyraug.net/aug_a2.htm The rail mounted scope you talk about is a different one, the Aussis often use them. It's a A2 mod also used on the A3 .
  4. Well there is a lot more wrong with the CA "AUG A2" than just the flashhider. The gun CA calls an AUG A2 ist actually an AUG SR (Special Receiver). The real AUG A2 has a lower rail than the CA "AUG A2". Also the rail is QD interchangeable with the standard scope and other rails WITHOUT replacing the whole receiver. Here's a pic of the real AUG A2 with the QD interchangeable optics/rails CAs "AUG A2" is no A2... unfortunately.
  5. It's just a mag clamp for P90 magazines
  6. KX3 Flashhider on G36C? Looks interesting
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